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Rear Admiral
I thought that was funny. Especially considering the fact that he tried to cut a number of defense programs, such as the B-1B Lancer. I think he also wanted to stop building supercarriers and instead build smaller carriers, and that he wanted to cut either the Trident SLBM or the Ohio class SSBN.

Although former President Carter did serve in the navy on submarines and studied in the nuclear propulsion program.


Rear Admiral
Interestion many ships/subs were named after American Presidents and military personel there seem to be quite a few.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
I count three named after American presidents (Kennedy, Lincoln and Washington), six named after famous American commanders (Bainbridge, Halsey, McClellan, Powell, Puller and Sheridan), one after a famous soldier (Rodger Young) and then at least three named after people who served with the United States military but were famous for other reasons (Armstrong, Hickok and Marciano).


Rear Admiral
Okely Dokely Folks, I have posted the first of hopefully many fan fic. I apologise for any discrepencies/error in the prelude/prologue. This is the first time I have written anything.

"A Lieutenant's life"

Star Date 2608.034
The Day After

“Congratulations Commander” smiled John as he saw his friend hold his son; “he is the spitting image of his father” Francis smiled and nodded back at his friend.
“How is she?” asked John’s wife, Carmen.
“Still in intensive care” said Francis, “They do not know what happen after the birth. Something happen and the doctors could not figure out what happen. It was a clean operation”
“She is a tough woman Francis” said John, “I am sure she will make a full recovery”
“I hope she will too” said Francis as he played with his son’s baby fingers, “he is so small John”
“Yes he is. But then babies are, aren’t they” both men chuckled
“So are you going to take the offer Francis?” asked Elizabeth, “It would be the start of a good career”
“I’m already on a good career thank you very much” smiled Francis
“True. You always wanted to command a ship” said John, “and you got your chance to get your first taste of command”
“Yeah, but a Destroyer John ? I was hoping for a cruiser or even a light carrier”
“Keep dreaming mate” chuckled John, “you are long way of getting there. You are already one of the fastest promoted officers in Confed and that is not for brown-nosing. You got skills Francis and what better way to see you in action then starting small”
“Eh” shrugged Francis, “opportunity I may have and all, but I still have my desires to command a carrier”

“Excuse me Captain” a nurse came in the room, “I have to take your son, he needs his rest” Francis passed the baby to the nurse and kissed his son.
“Sleep well Anthony. I might consider it John” sitting back down in his chair, “The Hellhound is a fine ship with an excellent ship record. I am sure that I would do her proud”
“I’m sure that you will Francis” said John, “Should you tell your father about this?”
“Probably after when I talk this over with Susan once she is out of Intensive Care”

* * *

Damn how could this happen thought Wayne as he headed to the sitting room. Francis is not to get over this. First, his mother two years ago and now his wife. He needs help big time.
He turned around the corner past the other nurses and doctors in the corridor until he reach the door entering inside he saw several people, John and his wife Carmen, Francis mother and Susan’s parents and friends from Francis’s last assignment, the TCS ANZUS

“Where is he?” asked Wayne
“He is over by the balcony” said John, “He is very quiet. I am worried Wayne”
“Same I don’t think he will recover from this” Wayne looked past John and could see Francis sitting on the bench in the balcony, “Where is Anthony?” asked Wayne. John nodded to wear Susan’s parents and Francis’s father over by the corner of the room looking over Anthony. Although Wayne could see they were making faces at their grandchild, he could see in their eyes that they are in pain. The lost of Susan has been a terrible loss to both families and to the many friends of Carmen.

“This is a sad day for us” said Wayne to everyone in the room, “remember that as family and friends we have to help each other out. I hope everyone can help Francis as much as possible” a lot of nods showed throughout the room. Wayne walked out towards the balcony where Francis was.

Wayne could feel a slight breeze coming towards the balcony. Wayne pulled his jacket tighter feeling a slight chill, yet Francis did not appear to notice the cold weather. Wayne walked up and stood next to Francis on the balcony.
“It’s a bit cold don’t you think Francis?” asked Wayne, Francis didn’t reply let alone make a sound. Wayne turned to face Francis and notice why he wasn’t saying anything. He was crying, tears were coming down his face. Wayne put his arm around him to comfort him.
“I remember the first time I met Susan” said Francis, “it was at the aqua dome with you, Barbara, John and several others” Wayne smiled as he recalled how Francis first met Susan, “John was throwing the ball far and long past the pool and I was running backwards and crashed into somebody and fell in the pool when I caught the ball. I remember hearing a cry before falling in”
“I remember that day” said Wayne, “We all laughed when we saw you fell in. It was a sight to remember”
“Yeah, I remember trying to get out when some woman came up to me and gave me her hand. I looked up and saw this woman trying to help me up looking a little bit angry, ‘you should have been careful next time. I’m happy that my daughter knows how to swim’ she said to me. I turned around and saw the most beautiful woman in the pool”
“Ah yes I remember that” said Wayne, you just stood there with your jaw dropping to the ground”
“She just laughed at me and smiled” said Francis, “If there was anything I would miss. It would be her smile” softly Francis begins to sob, “her smile would always make me happy” Francis begins to cry more as Wayne wraps both arms around him comforting him, gradually Francis cried more, soon the people inside the room could hear Francis crying out on the balcony.

* * *

17 years later
“Are you sure about this Anthony?” asked Francis, “Joining the Academy and all?”
“Yes dad” replied Anthony as their ride came near to their destination, “I have made up my mind and I know what I want to do. I want to serve the Confederation”
“I understand” said Francis, “I don’t want to see you getting into trouble or hurt at the Academy. I might speak to Commandant about”
“Dad I don’t want any help!” said Anthony, “I don’t want to your help in this and I don’t want any special privileges because I am your son!” Francis could see that Anthony was getting angry, “I’m getting sick and tired of being the son of a respected Naval Captain of some god damn ship, the son of a widower. Dad I am old enough to do what I want to do for my future and this is what I want!”
“Very well Anthony” said Francis as he looked out the window and saw that they have arrived.

* * *

“Welcome to the Academy Cadet Cheng” greeted Commandant Lee, “Captain it is pleasure to see you again”
“Likewise Commandant” replied the Captain, “I’m sure that my cadet gets all the education he needs to be a fine officer?”
“Don’t worry Captain, we make sure that all our cadets are well trained. I will give you a few moments before I take the cadet to his quarters” Lee moved away giving the father and son some moment alone.
“Well I guess this is it then?” said Anthony as he looked into the training ground of the Academy, “Doesn’t look too bad”
“No I suppose not. But don’t be fool by appearances” said Francis, “Remember that I too had to go through the Academy”
“Really I didn’t know. I thought the ‘flag pole’ incident was all made up?”
“Being a bit cheeky are we cadet?”
“No sir” mocked Anthony, “Just getting a feel for it sir” said Anthony as he saluted his father, “Wish me luck sir” Francis smiled and returns the salute
“All the best cadet and to your future” Francis stepped forward and gave his son a hug, “I’m proud of you son and I’m sure that mum would be too”

* * *

Four years later

“Congratulations Tony!” said Ta-ke, giving his grandson a big heart, “we are so proud of you!”
“Thanks gramps” smiled Anthony, “It means so much that everyone was able to come”
“Oh darling we could not missed this for all the tea in China” said Anthony’s grandmother Jennifer, “Your mother would be so proud of you I know she would have like this” Anthony nodded as he too wished his mother was here.
“I can’t believe I would see this day” said Alan as he wiped a tear from his eye, “I went through so much trouble and I though the Commandant would expelled me from the Academy”
“Well you may have to talk to your father” said Ta-ke “I have a hunch that he may have something to do with it”
“Not dad again” groaned Anthony, “he promised me not to help me. After helping me with from that fire accident I told him that I want to face the consequences and not to get away from it!”
“I know” nodded Ta-ke, “But I think that your dad does not what to see you suffer as much as he did”
“Am I interrupting something here?” asked someone behind
“Not at all Skip” smiled Ta-ke, “we just congratulating my grandson. How is the motley crew?”
“They are all well Ta-ke, all well” smiled Admiral Bainbridge as he shook Anthony’s hand “Congratulations Lieutenant and welcome to the service”
“Thank you sir” replied Anthony, “I am looking forward to my first assignment”
“Don’t worry Lieutenant” chuckled Wayne, “You will get your assignment in a few days, but in the meantime enjoy what you have now. If you excuse me I have some people I have to see. Ta-ke we have to catch up for some rice wine”
“Don’t worry I intend to” laughed Anthony’s grandfather
“I didn’t know you knew Admiral Bainbridge Gramps”
“Well his father and I went to school together from Primary and High school. Ah it has been a long time”

* * *

Few Days later

Anthony looked at the data pad again for the hundredth time,

From: Confed Operations and Command
Date: 2630.134
Pilot: #39585610
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Security: ********

Statement of Assignment:
Congratulations on your graduation and to your first assignment. You are part of a long proud history of serving men and women in the Confederation. I hope you do and others proud in the service.
Upon receiving these orders you are to report to Perry Naval Base, Perry System, Gemini Sector for assignment.

Assignment: TCS Hibernia = Ranger Class Carrier [CVL-79]
Commanding Officer: Captain Justin Lang
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Jessica O'Hara
Wing Commander: Lieutenant Colonel David Parker
Executive: Major Joseph Lector

You will be assigned to the following squadron:

Squadron Assignment: Flying Tiger's Squadron (28th Flight Group - Fighter Interceptor Squdron)
Squadron Leader: Major Amanda 'Silky' Mallamo
Executive: Captain Gregory 'Balls' Border

Pilots: Captain Samantha 'Jewel' Ibanez
1st Lieutenant Samuel 'Torps' Thorpe
1st Lieutenant Dark 'Drool' Simpson
1st Lieutenant Allison 'Shorts' Goodman
1st Lieutenant Carl 'Brains' Wallace
1st Lieutenant Jean-Luc 'Pasty' Rico
2nd Lieutenant Tyson 'Skinny' Edwards
2nd Lieutenant Kathryn 'Arrows' Ross
2nd Lieutenant Michelle 'Peck' Lee

Report to the Deck Officer once arriving to Perry Naval Base for further instructions.
Good luck and all the best


“I guess this is it” said Anthony as he dropped his duffel bag on the flight deck as he looked around the station, “This place is huge!”
“Not as big back on Earth” smiled Francis
“Dad you didn’t have to take me to Perry, I would have caught a transport here”
“Captain’s privilege” said Francis, “when you command a ship you can get away from some things”
“Like I don’t notice already” there was a awkward silence between father and son as they looked at each. Suddenly embarrassed with the silence, Francis cleared his throat, “Anthony you be careful out there”
“Dad I will be alright” said Anthony, “don’t worry I will contact you once I’m aboard the Hibernia”
“OK” replied Francis as he offer his hand to him, Anthony smiled and stepped forward and hugged his father, “Thanks dad. Thank you very much”

* * *

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Bandit are these actual US ships or the ones used in Wing Co?
They're ships used in Wing Commander. That was the question, right?

Couple of continuity notes:

* Wing Commander doesn't have a "CVL" designation -- the Victory (a Ranger-class light carrier) is simply "CV-40".

* The character is Admiral Banbridge. "Admiral Bainbridge" is a historical figure - an American officer who served during the War of 1812.

* Perry Naval Base (and human development of Gemini in general) wasn't established until 2639 -- in response to Kilrathi expansion.


Rear Admiral
Can you tell me any significant inforamtion about the Enigma and Epsilon Sector Bandit??
I am editing my introduction to adjust to the last information you gave me.


criticalmass said:
Dahan, go ahead with the fiction part. I'm not sure if Nelson Mandela would have liked to have a destroyer named after him, but if you place it right, it can always come off as irony. After all, it's only a name.

Shakespearetime: "What's in a name? A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet."

There's nothing ironic about it. nelson was no pacifist. he studied Guerilla warfare and his African national congress had a military arm which translates as "spear of the nation". Admitedly, they prefered to use non-casuality inflicting sabotoge methods, as opposed to the brutal violence of Inkantha (a rival movement), but the ANC it's self and Nelson were not, by any measn pacifist.

Now if it was TCS Mother Teresa, or TCS Mohatma Ghandi, that would be ironic.

on "wing"

US Stadard Terminology for 'wing' (I belive this is what is resposible for the cofusion in prophecy.)

2 Plane Element
2 Element Flight (4 plane)
3 Flight squadron (12 plane)
3 Squadron Wing (36 plane)

the confusion lies in that wing can be sustituted for 'flight" in the orginization above, though I have no clue what replaces wing.... And in a totally different usage 'wing' can refer to the wingman position in a element.

furthemore, the WC TV cartoons further confuses this by using the less effective (As WWII demonstrated) british-style 3-plane group.

that make sense?

on "fighter complements"

I am uncertain, but it apear that In WC it goes
Light Carrier
Strike Carrier
Super Carrier

In Real Life, the US Navy used (WWII):
Escort carrier -28 planes (Casablanca Class)
Light Carrier -Aprox. 40 planes (Wasp class)
Fleet Carrier -Ambiguous. Lexigton Class carried a 75 plane complement as standard, but are listed as being able to hold 83 planes. Essex class could hold 100 planes.

Maybe that will help you with relative complements?

On "Writting"

Thoughts should be in quotes, like speech. And vary your diction more. Longer sentences that link ideas would be good.


Rear Admiral
No one is perfect, Satori, but then if you remember at the beginning to the fic I said that this is the 1st time for me writing something so I decided to give it a shot.
In terms of the fighter complements and ship class, I am going according to the game manuals I picked up whereas the names I will go with a few which I picked up along the way.
Thanks for the input

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Wing Commander has three types of 'fleet' carriers -- these are the ships that will form the nucleus of a battlegroup:

Light Carrier: Includes the Ranger-class and Kiev-type carriers. The Ranger had a 40 fighter complement.
Fleet Carrier: Includes the Concordia-class carriers. They have a fighter complement of just under 100 (a single fighter wing).
Heavy Carrier: Includes the Lexington-class, Vesuvius-class and Midway-class carriers. They seem to be marked by their ability to carry multiple fighter wings (252 fighters for the Midway-class, 400 for the Vesuvius-class) and some offensive weaponry.

There's also a variety of 'special' carriers:

Utility Carrier: This was a pre-war designation for the Bengal-class. The meaning is never quite explained, but it probably refers to the fact that carriers held a purely support role in those years.
Strike Carrier: Strike Carriers, like the Bengal-class, can operate independantly of a battlegroup. They carry their own weaponry for ship to ship fighting, and can stand up to enemy ships of the line.
Escort Carrier (CVE): Escort Carriers, quick conversions of transports into carriers, entered service late in the war. Dedicated escort carriers make up a large part of the post-war fleet. Includes the Tarawa-type (45 fighters) and Eagle-type carriers.
Attack Carrier (CVA): Unexplained - refers to the Jutland-class.
Training Carrier: Presumably self explanitory - most likely just a conversion of an older hull for landing practice.

Can you tell me any significant inforamtion about the Enigma and Epsilon Sector Bandit??
I'm not quite sure what you're asking.


Rear Admiral
* Perry Naval Base (and human development of Gemini in general) wasn't established until 2639 -- in response to Kilrathi expansion.
Do you have any information of the Gemini Sector on the their establishment. I am currently re-editing my fan fiction to the original Sector which my fiction is based in, in the Vega Sector.
Do you have any information about the Vega Sector??