New DOSBox Version Released (March 11, 2007)


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A new version of DOSBox has been released, and it includes a handful of neat improvements for Wing Commander fans. Like the last few releases of the program, version 0.70 plays all DOS Wing Commander games very well. Several speed optimizations were made and joystick support should be improved. Additional scalers were added so that players could use a larger window if fullscreen mode gave them problems before. The program also now attempts to guess speed requirements by default. One of the most common questions about DOSBox has been how to adjust the cycle values to play each game smoothly. This is all performed automatically now. It's not perfect, but it should be a big benefit to new users. For example, our WC3 testing showed a little more skipping during FMV playback versus improved smoothness while in flight. Users are still free to go in and manually tweak these factors if they would like more control. You can download the new DOSBox here. Our step-by-step walkthroughs in the Tech Support section have also been updated to reflect changes in 0.70.

Original update published on March 11, 2007
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You're welcome. Thanks for putting in all the time on the program itself. It's made playing original WC games easier for thousands of fans.


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This thing rocks

DOSBox is a must-have tool for all fans of old games. Seeing that this one now enables me to play Armada on my Mac makes me happy for the rest of the week :)

One slightly OT question:
Now I want to try WC3 and WC4. I tend to create .iso files from my game discs, so I can mount these with the imgmount command. But how can I change the discs inside a running game?



I've a question... does anyone know if this works with NT/200 systems? Just thought I'd ask.

on win 2000 or win XP it works fine.
It's the purpose of the program actually. To run dos games on systems that don't have dos (anymore)