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I get asked an awful lot of good questions at aerospace shows, and an awful lot of silly ones: What's your real hair color? Where's your eyepatch? etcetera, ad nauseum.

The folks who have seen 'Super Wing Commander' are the most confused, I think. There wasn't a lot of period accurate hardware available to them, so they had to use what they had on hand. Good on 'em for filming actual ships instead of using computer models, but can you imagine? A Lexington-class playing the Tiger's Claw! Banshees for Scimitars, Gladii for Raptors! At least they got some Super Rapiers to play the YF-44As, but Lordy! -If we'd had that kind of hardware in the 2650's, we'd have gone straight to Kilrah with it and won the war outright!

The most impressive thing was that they got some Kilrathi warlord to loan them a converted Shiraak class carrier to act as a 'Fralthi'. It was even more impressive when they blew it up!

Don't even get me started on the one- oh, what was it again? I knew the director, he was a good lad, and his heart was in the right place, but can you imagine? ME?! With a FRENCH accent?

Perish the thought.

-James Taggart 'Flyboy Magazine Interview August 2689.2'



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I'm just gonna call your designs the new canon designs because these are simply put, Amazing!! :)

Never expected the Shiraak to pop up, it looks even more imposing now. Well done, man!


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The single most awesome looking and epic badass ship of the entire Kilrathi fleet just became a million times more awesome looking :D damn that is some FINE work

gevatter Lars

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I just love the amount of details that went into the Hakaga. The bigger the ships get, the more difficulte I find it to make details that are belifeable in size but still clearly visible to the viewer from afar.


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And speaking of lengths, and the tweaking thereof, I've scaled down the Southampton somewhat to where it makes sense, for my purposes. Now about 340 m, a little shorter than the Exeter, but beefier. Otherwise the windows scale out to be over 1.5 m tall! Not to say that the cannon sizes don't have merit, it's just that sometimes they don't work for me. :)

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