Need help with SM1


Vice Admiral
Can anyone give me advice on the mission where you have to destroy the enemy supply base in a Scimitar. You know, the one where you have to fight 3 salthi, 4 krant, 4 jalthi and 4 gratha plus a starbase.
I'm guessing you're not a fan of the Scimitar. This is my favorite Scim mission (Bifrost 2). Since the Salthi and Krant shouldn't give you trouble, so just use your Mass Drivers. Use your two dumbfires against the Jalthis' rear armor. With the Jalthi gone, use your HSs close in against the Gratha, when they arrive. Use your limited gun power well, and your mass drivers will get the job done.
You can always just afterburn back and forth while shooting the base and it will eventually blow up, letting you just afterburn away. Sometimes Jalthi will crash and blow up into the base too. This method is cheap, but it works if you can't fight the fighters first.