Need help w/joystick config - z axis rotation



Hi all,
I've enjoyed playing both Privateer Remake and Privateer Gemini Gold immensely (thanks to all of you out there involved!), but I have a nagging problem regarding my joystick that I just can't solve.

I have a Saitek Cyborg Evo 3-axis + throttle USB joystick. It works perfectly well in all other games that I've tried. My problem is that the z-axis (axis 2 in vegastrike.config) is backwards. I rotate the stick left, but my ship in Privateer rotates right. You can see how this may be annoying. :) Everything else about the joystick works great in Privateer. I can use the program that comes with the joystick to assign commands to the different buttons, but there's no option for inverting the axes!

I've attempted to edit the vegastrike.config file in the joystick bindings section to include the following line:

<axis name="z" joystick="0" axis="2" inverse="true" />

I've made sure that this line isn't in a commented-out section of the file, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Is the inverse="true" argument not supported for axis 2?!? Is this a Vegastrike issue? Can I resolve it myself somehow? Any 3rd party utilities out there that will simply help me reverse this one axis?

I've tried searching the forums but haven't found anything. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,


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I'm going to shift this to the Gemini Gold forum so that John or someone knowledgeable in that area notices it..


Hi Chris,
Thanks for your help, but it doesn't look there's any traffic at all in this forum. Is there another forum this could go in?



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Here's mine

I remember having to figure out what axis is what.... I ended up having to write down which axis were correct and which were incorrect.. then i'd change 1 in the cofig, then see what was fixed or not.

Just mess with these lines:

<axis name="x" joystick="0" axis="0" inverse="false" />
<axis name="y" joystick="0" axis="1" inverse="false" />
<axis name="z" joystick="0" axis="3"/>
<axis name="throttle" joystick="0" axis="3"/>

changing: inverse="false" to: inverse="true"

I'm pretty sure you can add:
inverse="false" or inverse="true"
to any of the lines that start with "axis name="

hope that helps

Another thing: if the axis is working "in the game" (except for the fact that it's inverted), then it's in the vegastrike.config file. You just gotta find it. :)

Also: check the axis="0" numbers... cause you can switch x,y,z, and throttle with 0,1,2, and 3 to make different axes do different things.


here's a clip of my config:

<axis name="x" joystick="0" axis="0" inverse="false" />
<axis name="y" joystick="0" axis="1" inverse="false" />
#end -->

<!-- #joy_throttle joy_t_a_rev
<axis name="throttle" joystick="0" axis="2"/>
#end -->
<!-- #joy_t_a_rev
<axis name="z" joystick="0" axis="3"/>
#end -->
<!-- #joy_throttle_and_axis
<axis name="throttle" joystick="0" axis="3"/>
#end -->
<!-- #joy_axis joy_throttle_and_axis
<axis name="z" joystick="0" axis="2"/>
#end -->

<!-- if you have a joystick with an analogue hatswitch
<axis name="hatswitch" nr="0" margin="0.15" joystick="0" axis="2">
<hatswitch value="-1.0"/>
<hatswitch value="-0.6"/>
<hatswitch value="-0.19"/>
<hatswitch value="0.1"/>