Names Of The Eight Kilrathi Clans?


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Yep. I'd have to go back to find the sources (pretty sure Fleet Action is the main one) but I was able to find all eight to include in WCRPG. You've got nar Caxki, nar Qarg, nar Ki'ra, nar Kur'u'tak, nar Kiranka, nar Ragitagha, nar Sutaghi and nar Sihkag.


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Capi has it right.

But just to be clear: these are the names of the eight ruling Clans. There are many other clan names, notably nar Hhallas.

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There's an old argument that I'm not sure has ever been resolved. Fleet Action lists SEVEN clan leaders: Ragitagha, Ki'ra, Sihkag, Sutaghi, Qarg, Kurutak and Caxki. People generally assume that Kiranka, the Emperor's clan, is the eighth... and while it's possible that it's treated as such later, I don't think it explicitly is. There are at least two lines in Fleet Action where it's clear that these meetings have the Emperor, Thrakhath and the heads of EIGHT clans. So that suggests that either the ruling clan is counted separately or that there's an eighth baron at the war council who formally represents the Kiranka clan.


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Kiranka is at least the name of the royal family, though; that one comes from Secret Missions 2, IIRC. One or the other.

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Thanks for the info guys. I read Fleet action about a month back and by my count, I only found Seven during my read through. Although that being said it took two or three readings of End Run to find the line about Austerlitz being down for repairs for a year.