My wish for Wing Commander V & VI


I think the next Wing Commander should be "Wing Commander V, The Rise of Kilrah". I know there was Wing Commander: Prophecy, it still wasn't Wing Commander V.

In Wing Commander V The premise should be from the Kilrathi point of view after Blair destroyed their planet. They are a proud race, and while beaten, they are never defeated (this takes place 12 years after Prophecy).

The story is such:
Factions of Kilrah have been secretly amassing forces and allies (as well as Pilgrims, disillusioned from Earths ideals) on a planet in a massive hole in an asteroid cluster (thought to be unguideable, but Pilgrims found a way). The Kilrathi and their allies start guerrilla warfare taking out outpost after outpost until they get the attention of the Terrains. An interstellar civil war breaks out that has been brewing for a century (WC IV civil war was internal, this is much, much worse, the Kilrathi rebellion was just the spark to set everything off). In the end the battle comes to Earth with the Kilrathi charging up a megacannon to blow Earth to kingdom come, then the credits roll.

In WC V you play the role of an offspring of Hobbs, trying to gain honor and respect among his peers, trying to right the wrong the humans have done. Or you could choose from multiple characters. A Pilgrim, Pirate, Kilrathi, or (gasp) a wandering Nephilim (not all of them could have been wiped out).

Wing Commander VI is from Earth perspective, and starts half way thru Wing Commander V, right when the Earth fully commits to taking on the rebellion from Terrian, Kilrathi, Nephilims (and whatever else is out there). What is right and wrong is very confusing at this point. Earthlings are very reluctant to be waging war against a galaxy that they conquered, and for what gain?. You play a Earth pilot offspring of Maniac (yes, Maniac had sex with someone, was it human?, hmm). As the story progresses the war isn't going well and Earths defenses and carriers are almost wiped out. The Kilrathi want to destroy Earth, but that's not what the agenda was of Kilrathi's allies, they just wanted Earth to knock it off being space police, and now that Earth has been beaten, the battle is over. The Kilrathi disagree, and proceed to power up their own megacannon (that they've been developing in secret since WC III). The Kirathis allies jump ship (aside from the Nephilims, they've had enough of both sides, and leave), realize they may have gone too far and joins forces with Earth to prevent the extinction of the human race. Once again, the Kilrathi have to be defeated WC III style, or will the Kilrathi be defeated?, and will or should the earth survive?. Would humanity be rebooted just like the Kilrathi?, someone call Don Bluth, I think we have something here!.

Because there is so much grey area on what is right and wrong in Wing Commander VI, sometimes Maniac Jr joins forces with Hobbs Jr (who is also conflicted on the morality and insanity of this campaign) on missions, and sometimes he is flying against him, they just don't try to be too obvious they're not shooting each other. In the end Hobbs Jr rebel's after he sees the insanity of the Kilrathi just wanting revenge, and fully commits to Maniac Jr to defend Earth.

I could do this all day, maybe I should write a book, I already wrote the prologue, heh. Anyhow, in a nutshell, what I would like to see in the next Wing Commander game, is the Kilrathi getting revenge!!!, then in the game after that , Earth fighting back, and (maybe) surviving!

If you read this, you are as big of a geek for Wing Commander as me for writing it.

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Uhm, no. I'd rather play as Lance Casey than as Maniac's son. And the whole story idea seems chaotic and destructive. Sorry, I'm not a fan of this concept.


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You have some interesting ideas though I don't know they all fit with what we know of the aftermath of the end of the war on the kilrathi. I like the civil war idea, but I think a civil war would be more likely between Kilrathi factions after the void left by the death of the Emperor and Thrakhath. I would actually like to see a game where you play a Confed pilot on a ship assigned to help out one of the factions that Confed has decided should be in power. I know LOAF and I had a number of discussions about how it could play out... a kind of Vietnam in space to the Kilrathi Saga's WW2 Pacific theater.


Taking a Confed-sanctioned side in a Kilrathi Civil War sounds like an interesting idea. We could have something like WC4 in it as well, where the player learns that the Confed-sanctioned group is not necessarily the one with the moral high ground, and is given the chance to change sides.


Thanks for the replies. I know we all just want a continuation of the story in some form. E tu EA?, e tu?