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Must you? Of course not. Though one could argue that the majority of sites on the Internet are in English (or some variant thereof) or offer an English version, by no means should you feel compelled to provide one for a personal or fan site.

After all, a Freench site did very well in the last CIC Fansite of the Year contest, if I recall correctly. :)

Oh, BTW, be wary of how you address such issues as this. Remember rule #4 for these boards:

"Do not post messages specifically for the purpose of plugging a site. On the other hand, references to web sites directly related to the discussion in the thread, or URLs in signatures, are allowed."


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Don't worry, I remembered the rule ! It was just to remind some of u that the website was in french...
The big problem is that I made 133 hits in December 2000 and none since this date... and I just thought that englsih WC fans would better visit a website whose language is understood...


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Originally posted by NoRemorse
By the way, Phoenix, your brand new website is perfect...
Heh heh. I appreciate the compliment greatly, but I would have to say that "perfect" might be a bit overboard. Was kindof fun to do a simpler site that uses no advanced technologies to speak of, though. :)


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Oh yes, it is much appreciated. I hate it when sites try to do too much and use a ridiculous amount of bandwidth filling it with all sorts of multimedia trash and unneccessary waste.


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Originally posted by Bandit LOAF
And somewhere, somehow little David Borton is crying.

Shoot, Borty was cryin' looooong before now. And I'm always happy to point out that I had a hand in that.... :D

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Me, I don't know how many hits my site gets, so I conduct major construction operations midday...:D

And who needs English when you have Altavista[/i]?