My WC3 mods for Standoff and a few questions about IFF files.


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If any lesson is to be learned from my modding of Standoff, it's that Standoff is already a tremendous game - and that trying to manipulate it to suit your own needs is invariably futile.

That said, I've used TREman to make a few ship swaps just to make the game feel a little more '2669' - the Stilleto is replaced by the WC3 Arrow, and the Gladius gives way to the Thunderbolt.

On the Kilrathi side, I've replaced Drakhri with Dralthi III, and Gothri with Prophecy Vaktoth.

Now I have a few niggles that I just can't get around. Most of all the ship identification VDU image and in flight display Target ID

They're mixed up with the new ships, i.e. Arrow shows up as the Raptor VDU tile, and the Dralthi shows as a Krant.

From another thread, I understand the following:

VDU settings are all in the ship file as well. Check out Killerwave's site for a full tutorial. Basically there are numbers in the ship file that point to a mat file to use as a VDU image, and also to a Target ID string.
Thanks Eder, but I can't find these strings, can anybody reccomend a program to edit the IFF files? Notepad does not cut it, any suggestions?

I'll share some screenshots of my little mod some time, nothing too special in comparison the the excellence that is the original Standoff.

Thank you.


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The file with the strings should be in language\targetid.eng (I think?) inside one of our tres. The string is referenced by a number in the ship file.

You can edit all these files with WCPPascal from Thomas Bruckner's website.