My Spore Kilrathi are now in space!


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I've now got a Kilrathi culture into space along with my Firekkans in Spore. I haven't finalized their space stage dress yet, partly because Spore is a little limited in that respect, but I'm going to work on that today and try to figure how to do a Sporecast to get the Kats and Firekkans out there.
I even put together a little bit of fanfic to go along with each of the vehicles I put together for them.
I've got a shot from just before the civilization stage. Most of the armor and that remained through to the space stage simply because it looked better than the later outfits. I also went with a brownish red coat cause it looked better than the yellow shades I tried before, and it highlights the sort of lion's mane look of the hair and beard.
Here's alink to an album that has a shot in it.
I built up the character in the course of the game, rather than in the creator tool, so I was limited to the parts I found over the course of the evolutionary stages. There's a couple of eyes that would have been a little better but what I put on him was the closest out of the parts I found.
I'll try to pull some together and get them posted, along with some spaceship pictures from both races, by Monday.
I'm not totally sure how the Spore content system works. So I don't know if I need to have the game active in order to share my creations, but I have clicked the share button on them, so if I've got things right they should be available for download through the game. But, then again, I haven't really double checked to make sure.
There's now a Firekkan Mosaic, showing wings, and a vehicle mosaic. The Vehicle Mosaic shows the Kilrathi Thrak'ana fighter aircraft and the Helikhan class corvette, and yes I totally made up the names.:D It also has the Firekkan Pterrorsore fighter aircraft and a Firekkan Battlecruiser. The battlecruiser was based on some concept sketches I did for an SO conversion that I never got rolling past the story stage.
So there you go.