My first 3D model

Kevin Caccamo

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Hello, people. I have made my first 3d model. It's a model of the WC1 Kilrathi Dorkir and I have made it all by myself, but as you can see, it is not textured. Please tell me what you think of it. I made it in Wings3D and centered it using Milkshape 3D (screenshot below). If you're interested, I would like someone to help me texture this model, since I will want to use it in my WC1 Remake project. Thank you.


Credits go to:

(unknown) - Texturing
Privateer Gemini Gold forums - Introducing Wings3D to me.
Looks nice. You'd probably want to reduce the polygon count on the curved surfaces, but try it. You could probably do some texturing yourself, looks nice.
Well it is, after all, my very first attempt at modelling, apart from modelling tutorials that I did for the program. I agree that it looks nice and I also agree that the poly count for the spheres makes the model have a high polygon count, but I can always split one model into two models for compatibility reasons, with Milkshape 3D, and connect them together in the end by having one model as the base and the other as a pod.

E.g. What the Standoff people did with their rapier from the Wing Commander movie.
I doubt the poly count is too high in that model if you created it in in Wings3d or Milkshape. I'm just guessing but I'd imagine it is under 2,000 polys (it'd be easier to tell with a wireframe). Looks like a pretty good start there, Kevin. Keep up the good work!
Well, I have tried to texture it by myself, and I came out with this:



And by the way, the poly count of my dorkir model is 2308 polygons.
When I look at that I think, "better than I ever could do." Because it's true, I can barely draw a good stick person. It's a great start, I can see that you put time and effort in on it. I hope to see fighters, carriers, and such soon :p.
I've actually started a 3d Model of the kilrathi starbase, but I am having big problems trying to set the darn texture coordinates, but I have an idea to solve that. I've just been busy with work lately...
I'd love to help you, but I can't do 3D modules unless I have a step by step instruction showing me like lego's then I can put just about anything together.
If I send my plain textures to you, would you be able to give them a more WC1-ish look?

By the way, the texture coordinate problem has been solved on the star post model.