What type of music does everyone here listen to? And who are your music artists?

I use to be real hardcore, then i started listening to a very mellow bnand called radiohead, after that i totaly changed music tastes and started listening to rap

My favorite groups are
1) Eminem
2) Radiohead
3)Busta Ryhmes
5)Fear Factory

What about you?


I'm more of an alternative-pop person myself. A little Jimmy eat World, OLP, and Nickelback are just what the doctor ordered mos tof the time. THough sometimes I have to step back from the scene and go with the my favorite band of all time . .. aerosmith.



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I like alternative rock and hardcore mostly, a bit of ska as well... stuff like the Get Up Kids, Supersuckers, Cranberries, Smashing Pumpkins, Less Than Jake, Underworld, the Vandals, Face to Face, Goo Goo Dolls... I also like the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, some more misc. rock music... but my favorite ones are mostly brazilian alternative rock bands which you guys probably have never heard of :)



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saying ". Period." is like saying "period period period" or "..." :(

I like mellow rock myself.
mainstream punk, pop and metal makes me cringe

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No it isn't, because you *don't pronounce punctuation*. A '.' denotes a short pause, while "period" is a spoken word.


I'm a big fan of The Doors. I own all six of their studio albums with Jim Morrison, the two they did after the Lizard King died ('71's "Other Voices," and '72's "Full Circle"), the double-disk "In Concert" album released in 1991, and Jim Morrison's spoken word album "An American Prayer," originally released in 1978.

Other than those guys, my musical interests alternate between light, poppy rock, and things a little darker, such as:

-Green Day
-Dave Matthews Band
-The Cult
-Live (seen 'em in concert)
-Stone Temple Pilots (also seen 'em in concert)
-Gravity Kills (yes!)
-Nine Inch Nails

and others.

I also enjoy Van Morrison, and even a little Frank Sinatra.


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A crazy mix of everything - dance, pop, rock, funk, rap, jazz, latin, classical, etc. A contrast for example: Linkin' Park and Celine Dion. Lotsa stuff from the '70s right through to today. :)


Linkin Park puts on a good show. Saw 'em last October.

Wedge, Michael Jackson may have made some cool tunes, but there's more wrong with him than just his face. This whole "Tommy Matolla is the devil" thing is just bizarre.


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My favorite bands include:

Dashboard Confessional
Simple Plan
Remy Zero
Suzanne Vega
Michelle Branch

My Favorite Composers include:
Alan Silvestri
James Horner
James Newton Howard
Danny Elfman
klaus badelt
Mark Mancina
Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings !!!)
Jerry Goldsmith

I also care a great deal for John Powell
I am really looking forward to klaus badelt's score for K-19 because he did a fantastic job for TIME MACHINE


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I was brought up to enjoy and understand Western classical and American jazz music. Composers I like the best is Gustav Holst, Samuel Barber, J.S. Bach and Fransisco Tarrega.

I also love Dave Brubeck's Time Out album.

I also have a keen interest on certain movie/game soundtracks... like John Williams, James Horner, Danny Elfman, Shirley Walker, George A. Sanger and George Oldziey.

Is it a coincidence that two of WC's best mentioned music composers have the same first names?

BTw, did you know that an Indonesian band played a score in the Spider-Man soundtrack album


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I find enjoyment in the works of the majority of classical composers from J.S. Bach to Prokofiev. I'm suspicious of any composer born in the 20th century, but I'll certainly listen to and try and enjoy their music if possible. This obviously precludes me from pursuing interest film and game music, but that doesn't much bother me...


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Originally posted by TheFraix
I also have a keen interest on certain movie/game soundtracks... like John Williams, James Horner, Danny Elfman, Shirley Walker, George A. Sanger and George Oldziey.

Any idea when the score for STAR TREK X is coming out... I found out that Jerry Goldsmith :( is doing the music, I was just wondering if you heard anything since you are also into show music. I was sorta hoping for someone else to write the music for NEMESIS, someone like James Horner... He was really awesome with the Music for STAR TREK 2 and 3.
Ah yes, soundtracks! They tend to get my attention. Grim Fandango, Edge of Chaos, Starlancer... And, of course, Star Wars. And many more...


Sountracks (and by that I mean real soundtracks, not compilations of unrelated songs not even in the movie) are great within the movie, but I can't sit through them by themselves.