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I recently watched Blue Thunder, which has Malcolm McDowell and Jason Bernard, and I was wondering what other movies have two or more of WC cast? Or one of the less famous actors in interesting roles.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
My favorite example is Time After Time, which pits both Admiral Tolwyns against each other (Malcolm McDowell and David Warner!)


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I could point out that Scooby Doo has both Gen 3 (With Wing Commander 2 being Gen 1 - who does Blair's voice in WC2?) Christopher Blair and Todd Marshall, but some on this board might not think of Scooby Doo as a 'real' movie.


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Oh, Man I love this topic! I'm always up for a Wing Commander sighting!

John-Ryhs Davies (Paladin) and Matthew Lillard (Mainiac) were in In The Name Of The King - A Dungeon Siege Tale.

Jason Bernard (Capt. Eisen) and John Spencer (Capt. Paulson, his replacement in WCIV) were in the movie Wargames.

Jeremy Roberts (Col. Dekker, WCIV and Prophecy) and Elizabeth Barondes (Panther, WCIV) were both in the Brisco County Jr. episode "Mail Order Brides"
Jeremy Roberts was with Jennifer MacDonald (Lt. Robin "Flint" Peters, WCIII) in the Brisco County Jr. episode No Man's Land.
I get the feeling the casting agent liked Brisco County Jr. Too bad Bruce Campbell was never in Wing Commander.

Peter Jason (Vice Admiral/Captain Daniel Wilford, WCIV and Prophecy) and Chris Mulkey (Hawk, WCIV and Prophecy) and were in the movies Dreamscape, 48Hours, and The Long Riders. They might tie Freddie Prince Jr. and Matthew Lillard for number of movies done together.

Peter Jason and Malcom McDowell were in the movie Sunset.
Peter Jason was with Mark Hamill (Blue Hair himself!) in the movie Village of the Damned.
Peter Jason and Tim Curry (the voice of Melek in WCIII, does that count?) were in Congo.

Chris Mulkey was with Courtney Gains (Lt. 'Radio' Rollins, WCIII) in Behind Enemy Lines.
Radio Rollins was reunited with Major Jace 'Flash' Dillon (Josh Lucas) in Sweet Home Alabama. My wife has that DVD. I may have to watch it again.

Malcom McDowell and Richard Riehle (Pliers, WCIV) were both in the Rob Zombie remake of Halloween II.
Richard Riehle and Chris Mulkey (Pliers and Hawk) reunite in the movie Mysterious Skin.
Richard Riehle and John Spencer were both in Black Rain.

I haven't even touched the cast of Privateer 2 yet. What others can y'all come up with?
And can anyone come up with a movie with three or more Wing Commander actors/actresses?

UPDATE: I HAVE MY THREE-BAGGER! Jurgen Prochnow (Xavier Shondi in Privateer 2 and Commander Paul Gerald in the Wing Commander movie), David Warner (Rhinehart in Privateer 2 and Admiral Tolwyn in the WC movie) and Peter Jason (Vice Admiral/Captain Daniel Wilford WCIV/Prophecy) were all in In The Mouth of Madness!


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Catscratch is Mark Dacascos, and yes, he was in Double Dragon. He also is the evil guy in Hawaii-Five-O and the guy from "The Crow"(series).

I also tried to find some stuff like that now, but I didn't find anything yet. Holly Gagnier (Lt. Sosa) and Jeremy Roberts (Dekker) both were in "Pacific Blue", but not in the same episode. Same goes for Mark Dacascos and Jeremy Roberts, who were both in "Martial Law".

But this is fun, amybe we will find some more. :)

EDIT: Found one!
Derek Lea who plays Kronos in Priv2 was doing Stunts in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1", and John Hurt (who played the Barkeeper Joe Kane) played Mr. Ollivander


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Wasn't Catscratch's actor (forgot his name right now) in Double Dragon?

Yup. Mark Dacascos (Catscratch, WCIV) played Jimmie Lee in Double Dragon in 1994.
In 1998 he was in No Code of Conduct with Courtney Gains (Radio Rollins, WCIII)!
He and Tcheky Karyo (James 'Paladin' Taggart, the Wing Commander movie) were in Crying Freedom.
He was with Jurgen Prochnow (Privateer2 and the WC movie) in DNA.


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I came back from the pub a few weeks ago and collapsed on the couch in front of the 90s movie 'DNA' - I'm sure it had Mark Dacascos as a native American warrior, shirtless, ripped body complete with tribal war paints. He was hunting down some kind of beast created by genetic testing accident or something. Either way I switched off when Catscratch started using potty mouth!


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Wow, found my second one!
John Hurt and Christopher Walken (David Hassan in Priv2) played together in "Heaven's Gate"


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And here's my third one (can't edit again, my browser keeps crashing when I do that):
David Warner (Rhinehart in Priv2) and Derek Lea (Kronos in Priv2) were both in "Titanic", Lea doing stunts there.

EDIT (this time it workes it seems... ):
David Warner (Rhinehart Priv2) was also in "The Lost World" and its sequel with John Rhys-Davies (Paladin WC3+4)
Courtney Gains (Rollins WC3) was also in "Back to the Future" together with Tom Wilson (Maniac WC3-5)

Also Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard from NCIS is the captain of the Canera in Priv2! I almost fell from my chair a few minutes ago when I read it.
EDIT2: Brad Greenquist (Spyder from Prophecy) also was in one episode of NCIS. And since David McCallum (Canera captain) is in almost every episode I think this also counts.
Peter Jason (Captain in WCP) also was in one episode of NCIS.

John Hurt and Joel Stoffer (Dallas in WCP) are both in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"


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You can make a few of these with Outlander... First off, besides being produced by Chris Roberts, it stars John Hurt (priv2), and Ron Perlman (WCA-TV). There might have been another connection in there but I'd have to go through it all again.

Also, Since the star of the TV show Body of Proof was in WCA-TV you can add anyone there to the list...


All completely apart from one another, but Steven Petrarca, Francois Chau and Peter Jason have all separately done episodes of JAG...Chau played two different characters, to boot.