Movie Rapier Spotted


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Uhhh... wow. That's interesting. It made it's way to London somehow.

I think I heard about one ending up in England at one point, and that one was rusting in Luxembourg. Another went to a Planet Hollywood in.. somewhere in the US, once upon a time.

I'm curious how many others are out there. I can't remember if they had more than three and I'm not sure if there's ever any shots where you see more than three at a time in the movie.


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I wonder if my profile picture was taken in the cockpit of that specimen.

'Steady on course, Mr.Knight'

Edit: What am I talking about? Knight's flying a Broadsword isn't he?
It's nice to know they are not all being left abandoned to rot. If you live in London, it's a good excuse to go paint balling and take some shots of the Rapier, especially when it gets launched!


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Just to be pedantic, Hertfordshire isn't quite in London - it's one of the home counties; and they get funny if you call them Londoners. The mother of my child is from there...

Anyways, yeah I still go that way sometimes. I'll try and get some closer snaps next time I'm in that area.
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Do we know how many were built for the film? I remember that the shots of the landing bay were mirrored digitally to make it look longer - and likely to add a greater fighter compliment to the scope of the stage.


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One of these should really be in the possession of one of us... rebuilt back to film spec. (looks at own avatar...)