Morningstar guns break.

I've recently noticed that if you cycle through the guns of the morningstar using g, the leftmost gun's particle bullets start shooting a little bit above the others. simply hit g a few times and fire to see the effect.


Unknown Enemy
Yeah, we know. It's one of those bugs that we totally gave up on - we can't see any reason whatsoever why something like this would happen, nor can we see any way to fix it. Fortunately, it only happens in situations where the player has no reasons at all to cycle through guns.


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Nah... we didn't even notice that bug until about Episode 3.

You don't fly the Morningstar in the campaign because we didn't want the player to have the most high-tech equipment on an escort carrier. Plus, the Morningstar is a tad too powerful. Up until that point, when you choose between a Rapier and a Sabre, you can clearly see their different roles, and you choose based on that. Sometimes you have good reasons to choose the Rapier, other times the Sabre is a better choice. But if you had the Morningstar, as good a fighter as the Rapier and as good a bomber as the Sabre, what possible reason could you have to choose anything else? I suppose we could have found some excuse to give the player a Morningstar for the final winning path mission, as a reward ship - but every time we add a new ship, Eder has to make three new cutscenes, and he was already busy enough with all the other Episode 5 scenes. Besides, it just didn't occur to us ;).

Now that I think about it, though - imagine having the Morningstar in the final mission. Half the time, you'd save your Mace nuke for Prince Thrakhath. And just how in blazes would we explain the Prince surviving a nuclear warhead blast? :p


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Excuse me answering rhetorical question:

Wasn't that a nuclear bomb (judging by the explosion compared to Mace) in SO2 that player runs away from?
For that matter, all over SO2 enemies only take some damage from Mace not necessarily dying. And space ships and ejection pods must have considerable radiation shielding anyway, dont they?

Then again there's Ayer's Rock and Minx...


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Well, if you stick around, that explosion does kill you. Similarly, if a Mace explodes close enough to an enemy ship, it's a guaranteed kill.