Morningstar 3D Print Demonstrates Expert Craftsmanship (December 27, 2020)


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LYP Studios has provided an update on the 3D printable Morningstar posted on Thingiverse earlier this year. He's spent quite a bit of time carefully building his own, inscribing it with panel marks and then applying a gorgeous paint job. I don't think I've ever seen a prettier Morningstar - the results speak for themselves below! Lee made this one at a slightly smaller 10 inches length, although the design can scale up to 15 nicely. This iteration was also originally based on Klavs' model, so it's also very well equipped with tons of heavy ordnance. It'll take a little bit of talent and skill to get yours looking like Lee's, but you can get started here.

Here's some extra bonus shots of the fighter under construction. You can find even more shots in his Facebook gallery here.

Original update published on December 27, 2020


Amazing. I find the paneling give it a bit of an anime look, I am half expecting it to convert to a robot.


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Very well done. Awesome model, that is even more impressive considering it's 3D printed. Most 3D prints I am seeing have this rough surface, which looks really odd, especially in smaller models. This looks almost like a Resin cast. Great paint job and detailing as well.