More Wings Considered Thursday! (March 5, 2019)


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Episode 3 of ALL WINGS CONSIDERED is coming in hot! Tune in this week for an in-depth discussion on the Hellcat medium fighter as well as another exciting roundtable for the End Run Book Club. And that's just scratching the surface! Join us this Thursday, February 28, at 7 PM Eastern US Time (4 PM Pacific) on YouTube and Discord.

Join us Thursday, March 7 on or about 7 PM Eastern for the second thrilling episode of All Wings Considered!
Original update published on March 5, 2019


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How timely, my very favourite airplane! And look what I happen to be working on!

Just please don't fall into the trap of saying that the F6F was developed in response to the Zero! The contract for the Hellcat was signed in June 1940, prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, and when the US knew very little about Japanese capabilities!

And the first F6F flew only a few days after the Akutan Zero was recovered! #hellcatpedant!

I have many other interesting Hellcat facts that aren't in the wikipedia article if you're interested, or want more images! I have done a stupid amount of work on this airplane! :)

And yes the scale is accurate!



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I'll simply say that your one concern is addressed in the first three lines of the notes I wrote about the Hellcat. ;)

Those models look great!
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That’s fantastic! If it’s alright by you I’d love to show the size comparison tomorrow.


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Tha is for the shout out guys! A very entertaining edition! Let me know when you want to talk about any other ship with an aviation namesake, I got a whole bunch of airplanes lying around :)

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Thank you very much! We'll definitely do another one in a few weeks. (... and in fact if you have a preference we'll do that one :))