More WC goodies for sale


Having recently found a place at a great used computer store I have been running across the odd bit of WC here or there. If someone has something they're looking for to complete their collection and/or try out, please PM me and let me know so I can keep an eye out for it.

things I've found so far: Super Wing Commander (Mac), WC3 for Mac, WC4 official guide, WC4 Unauthorized Secrets, WC3 collectors' tin, and several random discs from WC3 and 4 games. No WC1 or 2 items yet, I'm afraid.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Could be one of two things. There were two unofficial guides to Wing Commander IV. One was "Wing Commander IV: Unauthorized Secrets and Solutions" by Bart Farkas and the other is the "Totally Unauthorized Wing Commander IV Strategy Guide" by Blaine Paradoe. They're both perfectly adequate guides to Wing Commander IV... but they don't add anything to the continuity like official guides do (though I seem to recall that one of them has the random pilot names (PC version) listed in it... which was a useful reference years ago before such things were all over the internet).

(This isn't true of Wing Commander III -- the unofficial guide to Wing Commander III is among man's most awful creations.)