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HotT spotted an article on the "worst cartoons based on video games." There are no specific problems called out, and the author doesn't seem to know when the series was made. The Wing Commander cartoon is often praised for its storytelling and attention to detail, so it seems to me like they Googled for ten different video game shows and slapped them into an article. Check out yesterday's updates for download links to the entire series so you can see for yourself.

Wing Commander was one of the first game franchises to be badly burned by an awful movie adaptation. As if they couldn’t just leave well alone, they had to make an unsuccessful cartoon as well. Despite featuring some major vocal talent (Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell) the damage was already done.

Original update published on February 19, 2011
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The blog comments are really funny. Seems like we're not the only ones to notice the author's slapdash style and fraction-of-a-second research...


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I wouldn't be surprised if he copy-paste plagiarized a 'best 10' list and then changed words around to make it seem more Internet cynic.


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This looks like a sad attempt for another excuse at bashing the Wing Commander movie. :/ I really like the movie, had a chance to watch it again this weekend and I always get so caught up in it despite not trying to.


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Well I guess this means we need to start our own blogosphere and fill it with pro-WC posts at all times.

Then hopefully the jerks will plagiarize that and we will all be happy. :D


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Very odd indeed - he seems only to include WC because it wasn't continued and therefore was unsuccessful for him. WCATV certainly is not one of the 10 worst video game cartoons even when watched by non-fans.


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Its seems that he is under the impression that the cartoon series came out after the movie. What a silly fool


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I ran into something similar when the movie came out. My local newspaper reviewer wrote a review that didn't mention many scenes or sequences that weren't already in the trailers, which is no big deal really. But what really made me think he had only watched the trailers, before passing judgement, was the fact that he came up with four cliched and cheesy lines that were apparently used in the film and damaged any remaining credibility it had. The problem was that there was only one of those lines in the entire movie!
So, ironically, I no longer trust nor follow any print reviewers and look to the internet for reviews and even then I really don't care that much. As long as I have a good time I'm happy.


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Its seems that he is under the impression that the cartoon series came out after the movie. What a silly fool

The way people get so upset about a movie that they beat on it any opportunity they get, you'd think it killed their cat.


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I like what the guy said for number one:

"This cartoon is actually pretty good. Intended for kids but with a few jokes thrown in for adults, the developers of the game had some say in the development of the anime."

The number one worst cartoon based on a video game is pretty good? So that makes all the ones listed above it better then pretty good.