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Fox’s show 24 already has 2 Wing Commander sightings. On the last Season (4), François Chau, better known as Vagabond from Wing Commander 3 and 4, played the role of the Chinese Consul. Unfortunately, he becomes a victim of friendly fire and a major plot device of the series.


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On the current season (5), it's time for the infamous Seether of Wing Commander 4. Robert Rusler plays an assassin on service of a renegade faction of the government, engaged in terrorist acts and illegally-developed weapons in order to pursue a self-described patriotic agenda. His assignment is to kill the short blonde hero, a legendary soldier who has saved the day many times before, but has since gone renegade. Even tough Seether is pretty confident he can pull it off, he ends up symbolic of all they would achieve in the future.


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I didn't recognise Seether, but he didn't last ONE episode anyway.
They really need some Pliers in the series, though. :)


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Seether? Renegade Faction? Terrorist Acts? Illegal Weapons?

Yep, a lot of WC4 references creeping up in one of TVs most popular shows...perhaps they had help from Borst and Depalma:D.

and Vagabond (Chau) had a much bigger role in Lost than in 24.


Actually I think I remember something about Vaquero being in Predator 2 (which I got on Christmas). I'll check up on that.


Victory, you say?
Don said:
Seether? Renegade Faction? Terrorist Acts? Illegal Weapons?

I was playing with the similarities between the plots of 24 Season 5 and Wing Commander IV. The names are different, of course.


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Chau was also in Alias if I'm not mistaken. I can't remember which season, though. Got his hand(s?) stabbed through with knives.


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Chau was ALSO in Stargate SG1, as some Chinese guy trying to get the Chinese involved in the Stargate project.


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Dundradal said:
Seether also appears in Season 2 of Babylon a starfury pilot...

Robert Rusler plays as Warren Keffer; "the starfury pilot" in that season (his ONLY season). Ironically it was his last role in T.V. before taking the role of another DARK pilot in Wing IV, and it certainly done no harm to his popularity as it sealed of his own fanbase.

Dang! brings back memories of watching some late seasons of Babylon interesting to see seether in a different role though.


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I was just watching season 2 on DVD...funny how he gets killed by the ancient enemy only to become a darker enemy later on...


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Francois Chau also appears in JAG as a Chinese General who impounds the crew of a Navy E2-C when it lands in China after colliding with a chinese mig, an obvious retelling of the real life scenario.


Keffer to Seether

That would actually be a very cool tie-in... Keffer dies and because of his exposure to The Shadows he is reborn into the Wing Commander Universe as Seether. It makes sense in a lot of ways because Keffer was a good pilot and some of his traits carried over into Seether. The good soul of Warren Keffer was darkened and spawned Seether. Perhaps one could even make an argument that they are the same character. Think about what the Shadows did to Londo.


From Keffer to Seether

One could argue that due to Keffer's death at the hands of the Shadows, his soul was darkened and he was reborn into the Wing Commander universe as Seether. A good argument could also be put up that he is the same character. Just think about what the Shadow did to Londo.


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I was not attempting to merge the two universes literally. I was joking. Didn't mean to offend anyone or to double post. sorry. I'm a big fan of both.


Chau can also be VERY briefly seen in Lethal Weapon 4 as one of the four fathers. I think that's the first time I saw him after playing WC3 and almost shouted "Vagabond!" Luckily, he still gets work from time to time.

Anybody catch Tom Wilson's recurring role in Freaks and Geeks? The other day I was watching that show on DVD (he's great in one of the commentaries in character, btw), and then played Wing Commander IV and it took me a while to relieze it was Tom Wilson Day for me...

I've also seen Ginger Lynn Allen in something recently, but I won't go into that ;)

I could rant about Wing Commander actor sightings all day, so I'd better stop here.