More Love for Stylish Ships (October 21, 2021)


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Last week we got a great look at Mac's WC1/2 Rapiers and Excalibur, but that wasn't the end of the line for those beautiful ships. All three have now gotten new tech draft spec sheets. Mac's testing out how they look printed, and my guess is that the results will be fantastic! As an extra bonus, he's also provided the manufacturer logos as additional images.

I finally got around to finishing the other 2 Tech Drafts I wanted to do; The Rapier-G and the Excalibur. Their sized for 11x17/12x18 but I'm going to see how they look as 8x10 prints before I go big.

Models & their textures, as always, by

Original update published on October 21, 2021
Huh, just noticed the resemblance between the waterloo cruiser and the YF-44. It'll be hard to unsee.