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I saw some renders of a WC3/X3 mod some time ago, but i think i read the author lost most of it to a HD crash or something. Is that the very same mod, or a fresh start of it?


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Still, while I am a great fan of Manowar, I do not think it suits the setting.


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I loved the video and that x3 engine looks awesome, and a definite good lookin on the ships...I couldn't help but chuckle at the Jack Black "School of Rock" feeling music tho. It's a shame that Manowar is from Auburn, NY not too far from where I'm from bwahah .... I would have used "Thunderstruck" by AC-DC Just because the instrumentals are cool without too much vocals. except "Thundaaah"!


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Hello Wing Command Fans!

My name is Sebastian and i´m the leader of the WingCommander 3/4 or Wc34-Mod for X3 Terran Conflict.

Thanks that you´re interested in this mod.
At first i want to say a big "thanks" to the WingCommander Saga Team. They make a really fantastic work and they inspired me to make my mod.

The project is a new one. I started working at a WingCommander Mod e few years ago for X3 Reunion but i stoped the project cause i entered another mod-team and i hade more than enough to do with that.

But i reanimated the project for X3 Terran Conflict because i LOVE LOVE LOVE Wing Commander. In my opinion one of the best space-games ever. No other game has this qulality of story.

Here some newer pictures from the mod in better size:

Hvar´kann dreadnought WIP

Darket, Dralthi and Vaktoth WIP

Excalibur ingame

Tallahassee ingame (now with windows ;) )

david against goliath

Concordia ingame