Midway Mystery Finally Solved (November 10, 2009)


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We've all wondered at some point what exactly those two tail fins on the TCS Midway were for (right?), and now there's an answer! Origin's Midway designer, Sean Murphy, explains his reasoning like this:
To the fellow who was wondering what the purpose of the giant fins at the back of the ship were: in my original design for the Midway the large pod at the back of the ship was supposed to contain living quarters, mess halls, all the "people" related parts of the ship. There was even supposed to be a larger landing bay at the top of the pod that would be used for shuttles and supply ships and the like. It occurred to me that this was all sitting beside those big old engine exhausts and those would likely have a mess of radiation spilling out of them, so I added the fins - which are really nothing more than huge radiation shields - to keep everyone at the back of the ship from becoming sterile and having all their hair fall out!

Original update published on November 10, 2009
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Can't say i did wonder, but its always nice to hear about those details. I love it when the designers put more details in than a game can handle, like with the shrike. The average gamer probably doesn't care, but us wingnuts get treated with a little fluff.