Mid '90s Print Ads Were Weird (December 16, 2020)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Here's an interesting German language ad that was spotted on eBay recently. It's for the 3DO system, but one of the less common Goldstar variants. WC3 for the 3DO was a really cool version with a handful of redesigned missions and miscellaneous enhancements. I'm not sure that this particular ad would have really sold it though. All of the screenshots are tiny postage stamps on this full page spread, and Wing Commander 3's image is a close crop of the Concordia on Vespus with Paladin's back to the camera. I'm not sure how you figure out what type of game this is or that it even has FMV from this shot. Surprisingly, the system did not fare well commercially (but you should still play the 3DO version of WC3 if you ever get a chance!).

Original update published on December 16, 2020