Matthew Lillard vs Instagram (April 19, 2019)


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The Maniac has become the poster child for social media support hell this month as he found himself locked out of his Instagram account. The saga began on or about April 1 when he got a new phone and was unable to log in. His password resets didn't work and he encountered some baffling "user not found" errors. And despite being an IG-verified celebrity with more than 150,000 followers, he couldn't reach a live support human to get him sorted out. So, he resorted to Twitter and various news outlets to get the word out. Apparently it worked, and as of last night, his account was reset so he could begin posting again.

Matthew Lillard is currently starring in NBC's Good Girls, so he's got plenty of promotion to catch up on! Social media platforms have long since moved beyond being frivolous sharing outlets and are a bonafide component of any professional marketing strategy, so something like this could be serious business. We're happy to see he's back up and running now!

Yo @instagram, I’m tellin’ everyone how you done me dirty! I’m nothing in the world, without pictures of me existing in the world. Please make me real again insta... put me back in the world.... u @karissabe for being my hero.— matthew lillard (@MatthewLillard) April 13, 2019[/quote]

Original update published on April 19, 2019