Mark Hamill Narrates Ad in Support of Absentee Ballots and Joe Biden (November 3, 2020)


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Wing Commander's Mark Hamill has starred in the latest Lincoln Project ad posted on the eve of Election Day in the US. In response to calls to immediately declare the winner of the presidential election on November 3, Mr. Hamill touches on the long history of mail-in ballots and their importance to democracy. In the face of a global pandemic, mail system delays and voter suppression tactics, he reiterates demands to "count every vote!" There are global implications for human decency, climate change, international relations and more on the ballot this year, and Mark has been outspoken on all these issues. In recent days he's expressed hope that he could soon return to a world - with President Biden - where he can focus on posting silly apolitical memes again, and we hope he gets his wish!

Mark's Star Wars co-star Harrison Ford also narrated this companion ad. It supports Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the world's foremost experts on infections diseases - truly the hero we need, even if not the one we deserve.


Original update published on November 3, 2020


Rear Admiral
It's going to be a mess all right. Personally, I can't say I really care who wins. Trump is a useless lazy anti-intellectual that aside from his current stance on China, I don't agree with much on. Biden isn't any better though. He has so many brain farts that I wonder whether he's even fit for the job in the first place. Between his son's shady dealings and the media and social media's complicity in spinning everything for Biden's favor I've lost all trust in both. He also feeds too much into identity politics, which I despise with a passion. Not to mention he's just as trustworthy as Hillary ever was. And picking Harris as a running mate? Who honestly thinks that was a move for any other reason than what she is, and not who she is? Remember, you ain't black if you don't vote for Biden.... That's a bunch of racist hogwash if I've ever heard it.

I thought we had it bad with Dubya, but both the democratic and republicans have been ineffectual trash. Obama was the best of the lot, but he took way too long to put together a plan to do anything about healthcare that we were left with the old republican plan. All of them spend way too much money. We're over $27 Trillion in debt now, just take a look at the budget deficit for the past fifty years. The last time we had a budget surplus was twenty years ago. Something's gonna give soon. It isn't going to be pretty.

Not to mention the 'mostly peaceful' protests the media have been talking about. Have any of you walked down one of the streets where these 'protests' have occurred? What about the unconstitutional shutdowns that are forcing millions out of work and business? The less said about chaz, the better. Bunch of trash if you ask me. Not to mention most of these protests are over justified incidents to begin with. I swear, between the anti-america marxist socalist emo sjw nutjobs and the anti-intellectuals, I really can't say I care one way or another. Hollywood should just stay out of it. They've done nothing but help this emo sjw nonsense along. Nice to see that they're finally seeing some blowback from it with that Chris Pratt nonsense and a few other incidents. Republicans aren't any better.