Mark Hamill and Chris Roberts Together Again? (May 26, 2015)


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A recent twitter post has the Star Citizen rumor mill all abuzz (and no, we don't mean the asset leak stuff everyone is talking about). Mark Hamill recently posted a message stating he had returned to England for a tantalizing non-Star-Wars project.

Mark Hamill engaging in a secret project on its own isn't necessarily huge news. Often, actors are restricted by NDA from disclosing movies they are working on until the studio is ready to reveal them. However, when combined with the fact that Chris Roberts is currently at Andy Serkis' UK-based Imaginarium directing the performance capture shoot for the Wing-Commanderesque Squadron 42, fans have been putting two and two together. It also helps that one of the Star Citizen early stretch goals promised that at least one Wing Commander veteran would be returning for the S42 single player campaign.

Coincidence? Or resounding proof that Colonel Blair will soon be back in the cockpit where he belongs? You decide!

Original update published on May 26, 2015
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I forgot about that stretch goal promise. It would be really nice if it was Mark returning, even if only for a voice role or motion capture performance. And if it's not Mark, that's still pretty nice to have someone back from the old WC days, eventually.
Hopefully he's the ship's CAG or another fairly major story role.

Also, Hamill makes the most sense for a returning role given he's extensive experience as VA in TV and games and prominent role in the WC games.... Also increases the visibility of SC with Star Wars fans...assuming they all don't already know about SC at this point.
As much as we might love the characters, much of the smaller roles in the WC series don't make sense to fulfil with this stretch goal. People would just feel cheated I think. McDowell, Tom Wilson would be good options as well. I wouldn't mind but I know most people would be disapointed if the only WC vets in the SQ42 cast were from Priv2 or the WC movie.
So we just need EA to subcontract Roberts to make the next Wing Commander game, using the SC/S42 engine.

Then, during the conflict that would be known as the "3rd Nephilim confrontation", the bugs reveal they have Blair alive and well and that he made it out of that collapsing gate after all.

After rescuing him late in the game, he returns to your carrier long haired, gray and bearded, and totally deranged and spooked by the things the bugs have done.

Being Blair however, he wants to jump right back into a fighter and is immediately the best pilot in the Terran navy. Again.

...I'm in!
Fingers crossed... Age doesn't matter when you are doing mocap and voice work, but even so, he'd be great as a more senior officer this time around. Either way, it would be fantastic to see Mark back in a CR game.