Make the game easier, Please :-(


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You could have some people beta-test the guide and check every little thing as they play through...would be pretty effective (though a little tedious).

Errors tend to be missed in just about everything without additional eyes checking it, guides, reports etc.

The problem is finding said person to double check the work...


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You could just publish the guide and have the readers 'test' the guide for you. As people use it and they find errors, you can update it as the reports come in. Wouldn't that work?


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Potentially, but to get the guide into a beta form would require a good chunk of time at this stage still. I'm missing a ton of nav maps for missions and am waiting to get them once the bulk of Ep5 is done and it's time to go through the entire game again making sure everything works and that we haven't missed anything.

That and I'm not sure how I feel about releasing it in such an inaccurate and incomplete state.


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Me, I don't get how we went from having zero new official Wing Commander stories to play through in the past decade to not having enough time/patience to explore the branching in an unofficial one that takes under 8 hours per play-through.

sigh... At least for me, the answer lies in growing up and having to be responsible, whatever that means. I play whenever I can, but amazingly, the amount of time I am able to use for pleasure continues to shrink as eash passing year melts away.

I look forward to greener pastures. I know they're there - I can see them - I just have to hold out for a few more years in the present. In the meantime, I'll honor great projects like Standoff by playing them whenever I can, however I can. :)

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Also, I'm actually rather apprehensive about the guide. I'm worried that it'll never be completely accurate - going through the missions to compare the original outlines with what actually ended up in the game is gonna be really tedious.

So... it should be exactly the same as any of the official guides :)?


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You could just publish the guide and have the readers 'test' the guide for you. As people use it and they find errors, you can update it as the reports come in. Wouldn't that work?

Thinking about this, it might be nice to do two things at once. I could start another replay, this time of Standoff (granted we left off on SO, but considering the release for Ep5, I think the other OSI games can wait just a bit). I could upload the relevant episode's guide section so that players could compare it to what's in the game and then update me if they find differences.

Is anyone up for a little gameplay/fact-checking?


Well here is a simple solution to the problem the guide is done with versions and updates. I know that it would be tedious to go through the mission code and get all the information, but why not publish a guide and say it is version 0.1 and then go from there. and then have contact if there are any errors to be found. and then in a couple of months or a month after the initial release put version 0.2 with all the errors and changes made from 0.1


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Besides, failing missions is supposed to be a part of the Standoff experience. We only expect the best players to win every mission in the game. We're actually hoping that most players will fail a mission or eject at some point during the game. That's the kind of battle we're trying to re-create.

HUH!? But I have yet to eject... :(


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You better eject...I have to eject at every possible point to make sure things don't go haywire. Don't let my effort be in vain!


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Nonsense, they taught you at the academy to eject if necessary to save your life.

*points gun*

Eject, now.