Lynch Missions


I've been playing Gemini Gold, and i'm flying a Centurion with 4 Tachyons, Shield 3, Reactor 3, Adv. Droid, ECM 3, etc. I'm on the mission where I ship weapons to Siva in Rikel. I keep getting kicked around by those three Demons. Any tips? Also, what is the highest level of Reactor and Shields that the Centurion can handle?


You've basically got your Centurion maxed out--it can take level 3 reactor and shields in the Steltek Gun campaign and level 4 in the Righteous Fire campaign. For fighting the Demons, I reccommend that you load up on missiles and use those on the Demons. Also don't be afraid to use your afterburner to dodge their fire!


I had the same problem for the longest time. Try to split them up by burning away and taking the one that follows closest, do this a few times, generally the keenest one will remain the keenest until you've killed him. Wash, rinse, repeat.