Lucid Dreams


Seventh Part of the Seal
Ok I know this is probably a stupid place to talk about this, but its kinda buggin me.

Have you guys ever had a lucid dream before? Like you are aware your dreaming and can control the course of events? I ask because I had something like that last night. It was wierd I dreamt I was with my Ex gf, we had just moved in together and she was making me miserable... why we broke up in the first place. Anyway, the moment I finished moving stuff in (oddly enough, the box was labeled "Jim's WC junk." ... her work) I dropped the box looked around and suddenly was like, "Wait a minute... THIS ISN'T RIGHT!! WAKE THE HELL UP!"

... and yeah I woke up. Got me sort of freaked out.
That happened a lot to me - in fact, virtually every single one of my dreams used to be like this (controlling everything and having the ability to wake up).

Then I got hit by a bad disease which affects the neural system. Now it doesn't happen as often. Weird, huh?
I often have those deja vu type dreams where you realize later that you dreamed what is happening. Unfortunatly there is never any lottery numbers in them. :)