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I hope you're not somehow implying a link between being in the military and being intelligent. Because that would be even crazier than that Hello Kitty Record I invented this morning in another thread.


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Originally posted by iCe
So, i'm dutch too. But french sux.

Well, thanx guy, I love this brotherhood between WC fans (even if I know that my language is hard to learn^)... and onec again, I totally agree with LOAF... once again...


Well. No language is 'bad'. And nobody here is stupid, because of having something against one language. It's opinion. And we all want to respect other's opinions. It is written in the rules, I think. I also hated the French language sometimes, but this is that way with all languages. I don't hate it more than German or English.. At the moment I read a French novel. Parallel to 2 English and 2 German ones. And I didn't believe iCe wanted to attack you, NoRemorse. So, let's respect the opinions of other people without hacking on each other. :) If not we still discuss here in 2 weeks. About a theme at which is nothing to discuss about.


French is my main language, lots of people say it sucks just cause they dont understand it I guess, like fishbone said, its an opinion, its not a fact. so lets end this bs about languages. Angel wasent from france she speaks french cause belgium or whatever is right next to it and also has that as an official language. if i recal correctly.


oh NO!

Look what I did! People start flaming because I said "Hey, I'm Dutch!"

Angel speaks French because she's from Belgium. The part from Belgium that lies closest to France speaks French (well, the inhabitants do).

And I don't think French sucks. It is hard to learn, but hey,

'Voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir' (or something)

sounds much cooler than

'Would you care to sleep with me tonight'

don't you think?

Oh, and LOAF, did you imply Dutch are 'bad' when you said 'Dutch *and* stupid'?

Hey, I told you what Zim does to those kind of people, especially now that he's turning Dark Side :D

But seriously, stop flaming, or what you people call it.


TADAAAH! A *partial* succes for the ZIM!


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Originally posted by Fishbone
And nobody here is stupid
Actually some people are:
Originally posted by Zim
Oh, and LOAF, did you imply Dutch are 'bad' when you said 'Dutch *and* stupid'?
No, if being Dutch already entailed badness, he wouldn't have had to say *and*.

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Uhm... they're not flaming because you're dutch, but because you're stupid. And if you stop and look at it, they're not even flaming. Please allow me to give you an example of a real flame.



What the fuck is wrong with you, dutchie? Got a wooden show the neighbor's kid kicked your sorry ass with stuck up your cornhole? I've met the dutch before, and some of them are a little loopy in the head, but damn, you must have escaped from a speshul edukatyun skool or something. Go visit Thrakhath down in Germany, he's speshul too.


So as you can see, you're not being flamed. More like... say... simmered. So get over yourself.


That wasn't a very good flame, Tye :( It wasn't even good enough for me to close the thread :(



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*L* But perhaps we shall refrain from calling him a homosexual, and the holy fires of God shall cleanse him from the earth?

Maybe it should just be left alone... it's not worth anyone's time to banter so childishly.


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OK , OK, let's end this conversation. I have my answer about Angel's ranks, and I thank all those you help me to find it...

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Woah, woah, woah.

Tye and Frosty, stop being stupid.

Zim -- sorry, let me clarify... I'm not calling dutch people stupid. I'm calling that "french sux" guy stupid.


Spaceman's a funny farce taking place since yesterday.
1) Frosty: I meant nobody writing in this thread is stupid.
2)LOAF: Since which day do we judge people's opinions? This must be something new...I didn't read anything about it. :) Sorry I must have missed it.
3) Tye: If you knew little more about the people you talk about, you'd not have said that. It is nonsense to compare Thrakath and iCe. It's like comparing fire and water. More different can't it be. thrakath didn't accept any opinion/person except his/himself. iCe does.
4) Saturneye: Same as Tye, you don't know him...But I can definetely say he isn't homosexual.
5) The question, why members are 'insulted', without that anything happens from staff-side. Admins/Mods read it, Admins/Mods post. But nobody closes such a thread, what happens very often,because of harmless things. Generally you should know iCe, because he is quite longer member than me. I don't find a reason, why he is 'Pulled down' with words in such a way, because of a maybe little 'dumb' remark. Such things happen every day. But I never saw anything like that. it makes me shiver. How all people find fun, hacking on one person. It's like in my school. And there I hate it.

Many things have changed here.

Sorry, my 'respectless' post. But think people, doesn't community mean to forget stupid things? Like we always did? We are all fans. And this isn't our niveau. So please please stop it. It makes me frightened.


But you didn't think about the way it was meant maybe? I don't think he wanted to insult anyone, because of disliking a language! Well and you say I take things too personal. But I don't feell attacked if anyone said 'German sucks'. :) And he explained it. That he didn't mean the people/county. He only meant the language.
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