Lord British needs back ups.


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Just caught this on Kotaku.

Figured I'd pass it along. He needs a backup for his training. Sounds pretty intense.
Calling Candidates For Cosmonaut Class Of 2008 (November 19, 2007)

The company working with Origin founder Richard Garriott to train for his upcoming space mission has announced that it's searching for a backup space tourist. Alternate crew members are standard procedure for professional astronauts, but now Space Adventures Ltd. is capitalizing on Garriott's fame to secure an additional civilian body. The backup person must pay $3 million (US) to participate in the training, and this can be used as a deposit towards a later flight. The pair's experiences will also be featured in an upcoming documentary about the mission. In the event that Garriott doesn't qualify for his scheduled October 2008 launch, the stand-in will become the world's sixth space tourist. They must be at least 18 years old, between 5'3" and 6'1" in height, between 110 and 209 pounds and in good health. Interested parties can find more information here.
"Participation as an official back-up crew member is a once in a lifetime opportunity for an individual, or a company sponsoring an individual, to experience first-hand how our clients train for spaceflight," said Eric Anderson, president and CEO of Space Adventures. "It is with great enthusiasm that we, along with Richard, offer this position to a member of the public. The individual selected will be someone who not only has a genuine interest in human spaceflight, but also one who is able to be an active participant in Richard’s mission, to include being featured in a documentary TV series."

"I want to involve as many people as possible in my mission and this is one of the most innovative ways to do so," said Richard Garriott. "I encourage anyone who has ever dreamed of traveling to space to contact to Space Adventures. Not only will the back-up crew member be certified as a ‘fully-trained cosmonaut’ and be named to an official space mission crew, a distinction that less than 1,000 people have ever had; but, our combined participation is a step forward in the progression of our expansion into the cosmos."

Original update published on November 19, 2007
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If someone gives me the $3 million with no strings attached, I'll lose the 50 pounds necessary. So yeah, who wants to be a sugar mama for me?
You will be able to read more about Nik in his new autobiographical and investment book, due to be released in March 2008, titled "The Thrillionaire".

This is the hardest I've hoped that Richard Garriott would get sick and that a Soyuz capsule would explode since Ultima II came out.
I think it's more an issue of not liking that stupid sounding autobiography title.