Looking For Advice

J "Phantom" D

2nd Lieutenant
Hi everyone,

I'm not quite the norm I used to be around here, but that is slowly changing.

I am really trying to build my WC collection back up with pristine copies of games.

Right now I'm trying to locate sealed copies of the games (without spending so much as to get my wife mad at me) and only have 2 resources that I know of. Amazon and Ebay. Things show up on Ebay and then can disappear quickly but I do keep my eyes on it.

However, I'm wondering if anyone here knows of other places I should check out/keep my eyes on to find good copies of the games.

I managed to find sealed copies of WC1, WC2 and the WC2 Speech Pack, but I do want every game/add-on in the main series sealed (this is going to take a while!)

So, any ideas?