Local WC finds


I'm not a collector or a Mac user, but I found some things in a local store that might be of interest to people looking to round out their collections.

-WC3 in the tin, doesn't have the shirt, but the ships ID pamphlet and the Victory Streak are in there, along with the four gamediscs and the "making of" feature. Tagged at $80.

-WC3 for Mac, all discs, no box or manuals. It's shelved seperately on the $5/game rack, but seeing as there are multiple discs it might go a bit higher.

If anyone is interested I'll do the legwork to get them sent your direction? (I know I sent a copy of WC4 for Mac to someone a while back)


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That's a bit expensive for the WC3, but someone might be able to use it. For $80, I'd probably want the tin to come with the VHS, t-shirt, fleet action and/or audio volume. Did you see any of that included?


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I saw WC3 in the tin film reel can for $40 Can in Vancouver a while ago, I wish I bought it but I didnt have any money for games at the time :(

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I was the one Chernikov sent the Mac Wing Commander IV to. I'm VERY thankful and can attest that he really is out just to promote Wing Commander and help out fellow fans. If WCnews had a rating system for WC deliveries he definitely gets a perfect score. Chernikov ROCKS!!!! Thanks again Chernikov, I just played it earlier today!

I already have WC3, but if you see anything else for Mac, like Super Wing Commander- let me know. I'd be interested in paying the value for it, plus shipping, plus extra $ for the WC4 game you gave me.