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Howdy Folks!

Bet you all were starting to worry. Well, don't! The project is still on track. Joel, Howard, and I have all been fairly busy. I've been working on the pieces for the bases. Its a modular system that will allow the pieces to be put together like legos. Its kind of a time consuming task, because breaking everything down into 50ft sections requires a bit of time, thought, and planning. I've sketched some stuff out, random concepts for the various types of bases and what not, i'll see about scanning them and posting them up. I can't say for certain when there will be base screen shots yet (well, in engine base shots) as the focus right now is still getting a playable space demo out first. So, yeah. Just letting everyone know we are still alive.



Glad to hear it . Let us see what you can , when you can .
Keep up the good work , both Pioneer and WO duties .

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Maj.Striker said:
Still anxiously looking forward to this...would love to see any screen updates, etc. :)
Somehow almost all traffic on Pioneer thread died away some month ago. Nothing new from that time?


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Right now real life has me unable to do much in the way of modeling on the bases. Howard and Joel are both taking a bit of a rest. Pioneer is still in production, just right now we're all either rediculously busy in the real world or were in need of some time off. I'm hoping to get back to the bases soon, I just gotta find some time.