Listen to WC2 Through an Emulated Raspberry Pi MT-32 (May 17, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
A Korean YouTuber that Google Translate says is named Wonder Chome has posted a neat experiment. They're using the mt32-pi here, a program that transforms a Raspberry Pi into a device that can emulate the amped up MT-32 audio. The original Wing Commanders were designed to sound their best on the Roland sound board, but it wasn't something that most player had available to them. It's amazing to see fans exploring new ways to do this after nearly 30 years! The first part of the video below is setup, so jump to about the 0:55 mark to cut straight to the music.

I tried running wing commander II by connecting mt32 pi and cd rom to Jome station.

If you'd like to hear the Sound Blaster and Roland audio tracks (and several others) side by side, check out these clips by pcuser1541.

Original update published on May 17, 2021