Lets Be Friends!

Ok, let's setup a "XBOX360 FOR ED".
If you guys donate money for me to buy one Xbox360, I'll let everyone beat me on games. Yay. :D
Cheers LOAF, thats pretty neat. XBox Live just isn't playing nice in my current flat (only here for another 3 months though). Still I'll be sure to add atleast a few of you.
Major Striker, just put your gamertag in the "Gamertag" field of your profile. I think that is how it works - I think it just pulls from that info - though i'm not 100% sure. Either way, that's how you get your gamertag to show up by your name here on the forums, and that's pretty sweet. Thanks for all of the fun additions, Bandit LOAF and co.!

XBL is currently in the midst of a 14 hour marathon upgrade session. While we probably will not notice the difference, they are doing a whole hell of a lot of work. Only about 2 hours and 30 minutes until they intend to be back online.

I think the goal was to consolodate things - as you may have noticed, as servers started going offline last night- some game-pics would not show up, some would, some people's gamertags would not show up at all, some would - so gamerpics would show up, some wouldn't. Basically, misc. data was strewn all over the place, wherever it would fit. I think one of the goals of this was to consolodate: gamerpics on a specific server, gamepics on another, user accounts on a few consolodated clusters, game demos and XBLA on their own servers... things like that. Lots of 'organizing data.'

Let's hope they're back online at the planned time, though. After such a long time, I hope the servers don't take too long to reboot. And I hope all of the intended work got finished. 3 more hours and we'll see if things are all back to normal, or if only some things are working, or some other SNAFU type status occurs.

Thanks NuAngel, I've entered it but it looks like they're still working on the servers so no tag appearing just yet. Can't wait to tackle some WC Arena action...at least this time, Loaf, you won't have to con people into buying defender to play it with you. :)