Lego Scimitar Ready To Slog Through Vega Sector (April 11, 2022)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Today we've got a fun Lego Scimitar to share. This is the second in a series of Lego fighters put together by John Nelson, who built an Avenger last month. The Scimitar has a pair of fairly recognizable acceleration absorber pods jutting out the top, which helps make this design easy to identify. The back profile with triple engine exhaust nozzles is also pretty spot on. Like the previous model, this one also fairly closely mimics the appropriate color scheme. Just getting the shape right with Legos is a feat, but doing so in the right squadron colors is really something!

My next project was Confed's very own gun heavy slug - as Iceman called it - the Scimitar. Again color and proportions are a guess from the models used and other art. Hope you enjoy it. I’m planning on maybe the Dragon or Epee next.

Original update published on April 11, 2022
That is very well done. Now if we can just get build instructions...

Not all of us are Master Builders after all.