Lego Avenger Is an Impressive Treat (March 31, 2022)


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The procession of physical Wing Commander models continues! Today we've got a magnificent Border Worlds Avenger torpedo bomber made in Lego by John Nelson. While the ships featured over the last few days have been amazing, the creativity and talent on display here shines through in a unique way. It's quite a constraint to be forced to build within the limits of the physical Lego bricks at your disposal, which makes color-matching to a fighter's particular paint scheme like this super impressive. He's got the silhouette there - and if anything, this version is slightly sleeker than what we saw in Wing Commander 4. The turret is also an especially nice touch! We'd love to see him build more!

Hello. I finally got around to a project I’ve wanted to tackle and that’s making Wing Commander fighters from Legos.

My first go was the Border Worlds Avenger. The colors aren’t perfect and the proportions may be a bit off but I’m satisfied by the end result. Please let me know what you think.

Original update published on March 31, 2022


Rear Admiral
That looks incredible! The official renders always threw me off because it made this monster look shorter than I think it was supposed to be. It's profile makes much more sense here. This is a really crafty model! I wish it were an official set piece.