Leaving tommorrow.


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Howdy folks, just a quick farewell message as i'll be heading out tommorrow afternoon for the hotel that'll be my last dose of civilization for nine weeks. I ship off for Basic Training, and then Warrant Officer School. Pending successful completion of WOCS i'll be entering flight school. All totaled it'll be fourteen weeks and four days of no contact. As far as i know production will still go on, Howard'll keep doing his thing, Joel will still be plugging away at the code. The bit I did will be more apparent when the game is actually released. Suffice it to say the mechanics of the game have been done for a while now. I meant to do up a nice little document detailing all the nifty cool bits, but decided against it since it'd be a much nicer surprise for you all when you actually get to see it in action in the demo. I'm looking forward to shipping out. It'll be insane but well worth it. So, i bid you all a farewell and i shall return.

Brad McKinstry

Howard Day

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See you when you get back, man! (9 weeks is about the time I'll be getting outta jail for the whole airline thing....)
And good luck.


Brad, take care and good luck. I'll be waiting to hear from you when you emerge from all that training, I know you'll be able to make your way through it, you're a pretty smart guy. :) Anyways, best of luck to you and thanks for all the great help you gave me on my 3d work. You helped me out tremendously!


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damn, PC burned out. couldn't tell you my goodbye earlier. Anyway Farewell my friend, i'll talk to you in 4 months :D Hopefully you will visit my place one day, so we may drink enough Vodka :


I was a sargeant in Greek Air Force during my 18-month draft, specialised in anti aircraft guns, both in operation and in hi and low level maintenance (ugh!). I do hope all pans well, since from my experience, the flyers are like the knights of today. Theirs is the battle. Every one else just tags along, trying to keep safe a place for them to land, when they return. :)

Fly high and win!


I just noticed him posting again .
The welcome was back to the forum ,
not to the world of the blue jeans wearing slackers
(i.e. non-"uniform of the day will be " folks)
Mainly it was a request for an update on his progress an well being .
Sorry for any confusion my choice of wording caused .