Latest game addictions?


As for addictions:

My Father gave me Panzer General II 2 weeks ago....It was so bad that I dug out my old Atari 800 manuals and games and used an Atari emulator to play the old Sid Meier wargames from 1985: Cursade in Europe and Conflict in Vietnam. Unfortunately, Decision in the Desert, the best one, doesn't work. I'd love to get these games for the PC but I can't find them anywhere. I even called Microprose 3 years ago asking for them and they said they could not help me.

I have only played through WC 4 once, and am going back through the variants now. Privateer is next.

I may never tire of Secret Ops Krieger missions, especially 1, 2 and 5!

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Well... I've never played the game myself, but I'd be willing to bet you can slow it down the same way you'd slow down WC1 -- try using moslo and disabling your system cache.


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Baldurs Gate I'm having difficulty finishing at the moment
Playing Realmz also, that game is the shiznitt!!
Starting the whole WC series over, currently about to finish WC1
With school out currently DMing my Dungeons and Dragons campaign 2nd edition. :D


I felt the need to play a non-WC space sim, so it came down to Tachyon and Starlancer...I couldn't find my CD Key for Tachyon, so i'm playing through Starlancer again....and i've already noticed something I missed and i'm sure everyone else saw....apparently Pegasus Station and Concordia-Class Supercruisers are in Starlancer too!