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Discussion in 'General Wing Commander Chat' started by Bandit LOAF, May 14, 2016.

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    Hello everyone! The discovery of the two Russian Wing Commander novels energized me quite a bit, and I decided to track down some of the foreign Wing Commander guides I'd seen in the past but didn't have in my library.

    So far I've discovered three translated versions of official Wing Commander hint books: the Wing Commander I & II: The Ultimate Strategy Guide and the Wing Commander Prophecy Origin's Official Guide in German and then the Authorized Wing Commander III Combat Guide in French. I had picked up the German version of the Mike Harrison guide some years back on the strength of its cool alternate cover... but I didn't do much of a search for these two until a few weeks ago!

    And here they are!

    The German guide was readily available on, while the French guide took quite a bit of searching. At present, I can find only one other copy... listed for 250 Euros on! (I had ordered this one from and then fretted when they hadn't confirmed the order for more than a week... luckily the seller came through!)

    The German Prophecy guide is pretty much identical to the English one, down to the typefaces and pagination. The French book replaces the color segment at the start with a text-only 'story of Wing Commander III' and then isn't quite printed the same... no purple text, and less of an emphasis on the 3DO. There's also a new insert that tells you how to run the game in Windows 95!

    So, no amazing additions to the Wing Commander canon, but some cool additions to any bookshelf. I'm very curious what other official Wing Commander books might be out there in the world...
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