Last One

Plywood Fiend

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God help me i've made another music video. This will be the last one I churn out, at least for a long while. (Same as last time, I make three, then vanish into the shadows for a while and come back with three more).

Anyway, this one's to the tune of 'End of all hope' by Nightwish.

Oh and someone asked in the thread for the last video what i used to make the things and i forgot to answer them until a few seconds ago. All my videos are created on windows movie maker.;4847454;;/fileinfo.html
For most of the stuff people have been doing with music videos, IMO premiere is over-complicated. But For those who want the extras, Its deffinitely better and more powerful than Windows movie maker.
I use Premiere does a lot more than I need but I've gotten used to the features that I want to use so learning a new program isn't all that attractive to me. :)
Don't stop making them, eventually you'll refine it to a fine art :D

Honestly its always nice to have tanglible fan work every month, just to keep our minds on Wing Commander.
I really liked this one so don’t stop. Oh, but don’t forget to update Front Lines as well, because your loyal readers are waiting. :D