Last Line of Defence


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yeah.. I love what you have done with that tolmacs :D

I giggled a bit when I saw two fighters launch at once out the front.

Thx :D As I sayd - it is a Long work to launch several fighters but I could possible launch 16 fighters from the 2 Tubes.

Imagine 3 Tolmacs launching fighters - 48 fighters = 48 Script Events :D

I'm not limited to Rapiers. Tarawa loadout mix of Ferrets, Rapier and Sabre possible. WC1 Loadout - Hornet, Scimitar, Rapier. The big playes - Raptor and Broadsword not possible.

PS: F-44 Rapier A dont' work - to big wings :/
So here a WC1 Group
Exeter, Venture and a Tolmacs launching 13 Fighters - Hornets and Scimitars.
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Incoming transmission. Personaly only for Admiral Tolwyn.. Enter security code... XXXXXX...confirmed...

To Admiral Tolwyn
3rd Fleet

From Commander Dalion
Axius System

Sir, we completed the first ship your ordered. The heavy destroyer is finish and ready to enter the frontline. Project Omega still needs time.
The destroyer specs:

22500 tons

Armor: 3000
Shields: 2500

2 Anti Mater Turrets
11 Laser Turrets
1 Capshiplauncher

6 Arrows
2 Shuttles

Crew 450

As your order we send two of them into Enigma Sector to support Battlegroup 75.

Incoming *Secret Files*



Engineer Scooby Doo and Cybot078 work on this project awaiting your command.

*Transmission over*
Was this for that Northampton class design I've seen here? You have any more images of that ship?