Lame insults you tossed

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That's why you need to make your own nachos... I spend a painful amount of time preparing mine. It's an art.


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My nacho adventures typically include the following:

1) a plate

2) a bag of plain Tostito corn chips

3) a block of store-brand cheddar cheese

4) a "knucklebuster" cheese grater

5) a microwave

6) electricity

7) me and my digestive system

Now that's some good ol' bad eatin'.


...nachos? Quite the topic change :p

Ah well... things were going well till Bandit had to head elsewhere for whatever he's doing. Pity really - at least he manged to act decently. It's also a pity that a few of you haven't taken time to look carefully at HLP before judging it - but personally I'm not that bothered if you live on in ignorance. Things have been stable up to the start of this thread, and I think a slagging match would only prove the immaturity of either community... I can only echo that an0n and Kazan are not.. hm.. conclusive representation of the HLP community. I'm not jumping to conclusions that some of the kids who've posted something here represent the entire WC community either.

At any rate, go back to talking about nachos - it's probably a safer topic that stands a better chance of having some maturity directed towards it.


Not too hard to get good nachos around here. It's probably harder to get bad ones. I prefer bean and cheese nachos. But at a sporting event, the condensed liquified cheese they serve is really only dependent on how stale the chips are and how hot the cheese is.


I wasn't judging the entireity of the boards. I'd been on them, lurking about, for several months without running into the sort of nonsense I'd noticed in that particular thread Psych posted. I was only commenting on that, as my post indicated IMHO. As for the nachos, I'm staying away from that one.


I'm with TC...nacho preparation is time well spent. The key is to layer the toppings, that way each chip has a little of everything on it. However, I prefer to serve salsa on the side.


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Does anyone know of a place that makes good nachos I don't care if it's just your opinion I am actually looking for cool places to eat as I get to travel often so if you guys have any idea where I might find great nachos I'd appriciate the help



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there is nothing funnier than seeing a shitty thread get hijacked by such an important topic as big league chew and nachos...not good together, but amazing seperately...


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There is absolutely nothing funny about this topic change.


Well at least everyone can comment on nachos without any bad feelings. Though I'm not entirely how the chance came to be.

As for me, I'm stuck in Blighty. Nachos don't exist here.


I for once actually agree with LeHah, nachos are the most important part of the food pyramid, unfortunatly I'm becoming malnourished since noone out in Saipan has a fragment of an idea on how to make good nachos. One thing i found was that you mix spicy jack cheese and cheddar on Doritos nacho flavor chips throw in some jalepanos and make some guacamole to tone down the fire. Now those are the kickass nachos!!!


I think some of you you assume im quite the newbie beacuse of my post count and registration date never heard of this thing called lurking - i've been visiting this website and the forums a lot longer than i've been registered

as for me "setting up a different argument than LOAF presented" - show me how it differs - he should us a scan of a design doc comparing the prospect of Privateer Online to FreeSpace - and that was his conclusive proof that FS/FS2 bombing killed PO and the genre - that's not conclusive evidence in any manner.

Dundradal: i don't care what you think about me - you don't know me, infact you don't know jack. What offended me more is that on gaming community i am attached to attacked another gaming community I am attached to

To whoever said it: Destroying the competitions CDs has no entertainment value unless you have the maturity of a four year old

To whoever said it: Attacking the FS2 franchise is an attack on who ever is currently maintaining it - period. Volition and Interplay are not the ones maintaining it.

I would dig up more of the idiocy i've seen and reply to it - but this thread is becoming less than civil again.. and I'm at my paying job so i should get back to that


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I'll take it from here, Kaz.

I just got back from vacation in Mexico, a small fishing village named Cuzan on the Yucatan Peninsula about an hour north of Belize. We were served homemade nachos and frijoles with every meal- including breakfast. They had this salsa to go with the nachos that had these diced orange peppers in it, really hot stuff too, the kind that makes your eyes water and asshole pucker. Speaking of assholes, one guy with us had to have his air lifted to the burn unit at Miami Valley Hospital after too many of those little orange bastards. Oh well, more for the rest of us.


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an0n said:
But the simple fact is, Freespace is better. Both code-wise, game-wise and story-wise.

The only redeeming piece of the Wing Commander universe/series is Privateer.

Now thats funny, you jackass.

I admit, I'm not the most mature person here but your argument make mine look like little jokes. Your argument that Freespace's engine is more advanced is correct, because it is three years newer then WCP's vision engine. (1997 versus 2000). But do we discard old engines because they aren't as advanced as new ones. Do we stop playing Half Life because it uses an older engine than say, Call of Duty. Hell no, Half Life is probably my favorite FPS of all time and mods for the original engine are still being created today. Same thing. Sure the Vision engine is not as graphically advanced but it can be upgraded and enhanced, look and UE and Standoff, wonderful projects with some of the most beautiful ships I've ever seen.

As for the storyline comment, that just makes me laugh.

Go screw with your own universe.


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By 'story-wise' I meant FS1.

I'll concede that FS2's plot was somewhat lacking, but that's because they blew the budget and all their time making it moddable.

But all hostility and sniping aside, I think there's a larger issue here. One of such importance and universal truth that we cannot let the inter-community bickering divert us from it. The undeniable and simple fact that Freelancer sucked balls.

Come, brothers. Aim your arms not at each other, but at Microsoft and the god-awful, 2 year late, emotionally crippled piece of crap that destroyed whatever respect Starlancer had amassed.

*wanders off to find some PS plugins*

Oh, and we will stop using the Half-Life engine as soon as HL2 gets released.


Vindicator, if you ever see a Taco Cabana, they have great nachos. I've noticed that if you're anywhere but San Antonio you need to ask them to use shredded cheese instead of the liquified queso. Might I recommend the chicken fajita nachos with beans and shredded cheese. Just an awesome combo. :D
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