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Here is what I've been working on lately.
I can't really say if it's Kilrathi enough, especially the building with the most progress done on it.
The orange cubes are scale markers 7' or 8' high.
I think it is a bit hard to tell if it looks good because of the perspective in some of the screenshots.
I like some of the structures I see, especially on your fourth picture, but I think even the Kilrathi wouldn't build that freaky buildings.

I think we should go a step back and think of Kilrathi designs we know and, even more importantly, why the Kilrathi build the way they do:

They build most of their starships in claw-like shapes. That's because they want to shock people who see them, and the shape doesn't matter much for a starship.

Buildings are another topic, though. They have to be at least a bit more practical, for atmospheric (wind etc.) and practical purposes.

So I can imagine that religious buildings like temples and political buildings like a palace or a town hall might look very angular, asymmetric and impressive, but the normal building where Kilrathi work and live would look more normal. Perhaps also a bit asymmetric and with "sharp" tops, but else... like a modern skyscraper in an angular design I guess.

Of course you could also go WC2-style an make everything bubbly round... But I prefer WC3+ mostly angular style.
Reminds me a bit of Daniel Libeskinds works
what is the building that you are modelling used for?

Interesting subject,

There is so much to discuss there where would you start

What do we know about kilrah? and what do we know about the kilrathi?

Kilrah itself

Techtonically unstable
Higher temeperatures? (possibly as Kilrathi like warmer temps)
but what about plants though, wind systems etc. are there large seas,

What do we know about the Kilrathi as a race?
They are agressive, and have a heirachical Clan based society (Now ruled by an over clan) this would imply imperialisitic architecture as a basis. (We see the insides of a large social Amphitheatres in WCIII intro)

There is abit of blurb in the WCIII Victory Streak about there social structure and architecture, but its really only a few lines

We see some buildings in Wing III, perhaps indicating a rapid transport system (like a Monorail type thingy)

In game, the Kilrathi buildings on a few planets are quite angular, however, could these be prefab military buildings?

Ancient Kilrathi are cave dwelling (Can't remember where I read that) so combined with the clan based nature, would that imply communal living?

On a religous front, is it just Sivar, or is there a whole Pantheon of which Sivar is the main god? (Bit like Zeus in the Greek Pantheon)?

If I was taking a flyer at it, I would take ancient Roman, Byzantine and the ancient architecture seen in Cappadocia and mix it all up, I think we'd probably be heading down the right lines there for where Kilrathi Architecture may have come from, but interms of where it has headed, that is more difficult, the Kilrathi are an advanced race (way ahead of where we are now) and we can already build anything anywhere (ski slope in the desert anyone?)

I know wiki isn't the best source, but here is a few links out of my folders that I have accumulated over the years that might be relevant