Kissing Shipgate's Ass

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*promptly plants a big wet one on Shipgate's beehind*

Oh, BTW, working on that WC3 DVD right now. Soon as you can, email me about specifics as far as storyline/chapters/choices, etc. goes.


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oh, Shipgate! Take me behind the cricket pavillion and make me yours forever! Please! I need you NOW!

Ooh, WC3 DVD! Will it have the outtakes and stuff?


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Shipgate, you're (apparently) very awesome!

(Why are we kissing Shipgate's ass? I haven't been paying attention.)


As far as I can tell, you're doing it to tease Shipgate about saying that having a thread dedicated to kissing one's ass would mortify him.


Saturnyne: Yeah, I'm taking HCl's movie player, extracting the AVIs, editing them together into one cohesive story, and burning them to 2 DVDs (due to space). And yes, the alternate choices I don't use will be bundled in a separate movie on the 2nd DVD. If anyone wants one, I'd be happy to make one; keep in mind I might be charging, since these are my DVD-Rs and my time consumed.

I can do it with any of the 4 WC games with movies (3,4, priv 2, and prophecy). However, right now, just 3 and Prophecy -- I don't have all of priv 2, and the WCIV CD-ROM won't rip a couple of the movies. But I have both Priv 2 and the WC4 DVD ordered form eBay, and should arrive before too long.

Just pimping out my DVD deal. You may continue kissing Shipgate's ass.


Saturnyne said:
Shipgate is exactly what we all should aspire to be! He is... why, he's... He's...
1) Shipgate is France's greatest hero.
2) Shipgate won the nobel prize for ass-hat wearing in 1969.
3) Shipgate is .000349 percent water -- that's less water than you!
4) Shipgate sees everything in terms of lavender & chartreuse & green.
5) If Shipgate were a flavor, the only flavor would be SNOZBERRY!
6) Shipgate smells like a cellular phone... and is twice as handsome!
7) Shipgate has caused more spontaneous-combustions than any other nation!
8) Shipgate supports the 7.1-speaker movement!
9) Shipgate once killed a beatnik... and ate it.
10) If Shipgate were a bag, he would be the bag you put cabbage in.
11) Shipgate knows more about walruses than you.
12) Shipgate's favorite flavor of bum is no bum at all!
13) Shipgate keeps all his pencils sharpened... with the power of George W. Bush!
14) Shipgate loses 77 percent of his quality when encoded into mpeg-4 formats!
15) Shipgate has never made a lawyer joke!
16) Shipgate was once elected president of curbside intersection 162... by default.
17) Shipgate killed himself a squirrel... when he was only 2.5 times its size.
18) Shipgate can make gas into shafts... and shafts into gas.
19) Shipgate is the worlds 3679th highest source of mediocre vibrations.
20) Shipgate lost both his ears in Viet-nam... and got them back in Korea. (hey, wait a minute!)
21) Shipgate once wore a tiara... for six days.
22) Shipgate hopes to order Lebanese cuisine over the internet.
23) Shipgate often adds the letter 'q' or 'x' before things with no regard for common sense.

...with apologies to LOAF. ;)


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
Oh Shipgate well,
you came and you take without giving,
Why wont someone send you away.
Oh, Shipgate well,
I punched you and it stopped me from shaking,
and I need you today. Oh, Shipgate!

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
What Shipgate means to me:

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