King's Quest Returns in 2015 (December 6, 2014)


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Some good news for classic gamers was announced at this week's Game Awards show. Sierra's King's Quest franchise will return next year with a brand new installment in the series. These games were powerhouses in the '80s and '90s, but - much like Wing Commander - the last significant boxed retail release came out in 1998. Also just like WC, there have been no less than five attempts to create a major sequel. Rumors about a new title have been going hand in hand with the reappearance of the Sierra name, and it's good to see that things appear to be actually coming together well. The Odd Gentlemen are working on both PC and console versions that should be released next year. And while this is all a good precedent for Wing Commander fans, it'd be also pretty darn cool for a new Space Quest to appear one of these days...

Developed by The Odd Gentlemen, the new Kinga??s Questa?? reimagines all the charm, humor, puzzles, exploration and sense of wonder that made the franchise so magical when it first arrived thirty years ago. Old and grey, King Graham a?? the hero made legend in the original Kinga??s Quest games a?? shares the extraordinary stories of his youth with his curious granddaughter, Gwendolyn, taking players back to the feats that shaped a kingdom.

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Though i *do* remember dying a lot in the original game (like in all Sierra adventures), i really can't remember it being such a QTE-fest as what i'm expecting when i see this trailer.
I'm far from being a pessimist, but this looks like they're going to alienate two target audiences at once. Most "old-timers" will probably be put off by the gameplay, and the younger players have no connection to the franchise.
But boy would i love to be proven wrong, about time for a new King's Quest!


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If the game is good, then younger players don't need to have a connection to the franchise. The fact that the series happens to have a lot of history behind it isn't a strike against it. And if an "old timer" is realistically in a position to play this new game, then I would think they'd have had to evolve along with the rest of the industry and shouldn't be surprised that a modern game plays like a modern game.

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I just see the whole Syndicate debacle happening again. Die-hard fans might reject the game out of principle and for new players it should offer something remarkable other than its name.
Though to be fair, Syndicate was really just a mediocre game, the name was supposed to raise it from mediocrity, but instead it just raised expectations that it couldn't even have met if it was a "rather good" game. Plus it looked like a ripoff of this other popular game that came out that time, justified or not.
And to be even fairer, Sierra adventurers should be well versed in cheap deaths and action isn't entirely new to the franchise either, so maybe i'm really just a pessimist.


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Although I have played the classic adventure games, I did not ever play one of the King's Quest games.
I played Space Quest a lot, though.

However, there's other classic adventure gaming projects going on.
One of them is Thimbleweed Park from Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, the original creators of LucasArt's Maniac Mansion.
Check the details here:

Another one seems to be a remastered edition of Day of the Tentacle.

So, hopefully, it's a good era to live in for classic adventure gamers :)


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Im happy to see this bit of news on the WCnews site :)

I got my first computer ever, an Amiga 500, in 1988 with a complimentary "Kings Quest" (1) game.
Over the years I got almost all the Sierra Adventure games and I learned to love them all!
(kings quest, space quest, police quest, leisure suit larry etc etc).

Though I know for certain that neither Roberta or Ken Williams (creators of KQ and most of the Sierra games) are not involved in this new KQ game, Im happy enough to know the franchise has been revived regardless of developer :)