Kilrathi War Propaganda


Alex Von T.
The first in a series of world war 2 style propaganda posters set in the wing commander universe and made by yours-truly.


or if you want a higher resolution one for printing...

Red Baron

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Hehe if you look at it from a Kilrathi point of view, it wouldn't even require much editing.
And nice work Ninja, can't wait to see more.


Don't let the humans soil your honor by taking your lairmate. Join your hrai in battle.

(something like that)

Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
Heh. Nice.

I had the same idea for a CIC birthday submission a couple of years ago:


I didn't get to explain it properly then (because I was totally burnt out and somehow didn't think that whatever I wrote in the email would make it into the news burst) but it's modeled on U.S. Navy archival photographs, hence the white bar with Times Roman on the top, to give it the feel of an historical artifact. The actual design of the poster is modelled loosely on early-war Soviet propaganda; the graffiti-like-writing-in-blood colors style that was popular with everyone in the Second World War; not so much in the First, oddly enough. It was a lot more popular with the Russians and Germans than it was with the British or Americans (though the Australians had something similar in the period immediately after Pearl Harbor).

Looking at it now, I probably made a mistake juxtaposing that phrase over what essentially is a serene image. It looks more like a peacetime recruiting poster than a wartime "BUY WAR BONDS" sort, and if I had decided on the text first I probably would have gone for a more muscular image. But the art was the part that was done first, and the text was literally slapped-on in the last few minutes. I'm not sure why I chose the text, I did, either - the idea here is that the battle for the Vega Sector is won (or at least in the balance), not that Confed is losing the war or on the verge of grave defeat. I think it was just mood - I'd just finished composing the image and was hysterically-exuberant; I needed a catchy phrase and I jumped to something hysterically-exuberant. I figured "LONG LIVE THE CONFEDERATION" was a good motto that would be on a lot of posters.

So, yeah. Sorry to go on like that. Looking forward to that second poster :)
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Alex Von T.
heh.. I like the art deco style rendering for the carrier.. could have used an action shot in the background to make the point more.. but very cool anyways!

thanks for sharing!


Alex Von T.
this one is still a work in progress.. but I consider it about 85% complete.


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Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
I like the depiction of the bengal, VERY AWESOME!

If you're referring to my post (as I can't find any carrier in either of Ninja's), that's the design from the Academy cartoon. :)


Ninja: I wish I could say this less brusquely, but I think your font is dragging the piece down. I can give you some suggestions, depending on what kind of look you're going for, there.
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Alex Von T.
I know it has been a while, but I intend to finish a few of these before the year is over. also I intend to fix the text on the first two.

here is the newest one:

it is also available in poster print sizes in case you have some print money to burn.




Frog Blast the Vent Core!

Did you think about trying to do a ship "sinking" in space? Like a wrecked hulk with fires coming out or something?


Frog Blast the Vent Core!
Good idea.

We'll have to wait until Ninja comes out the great Alaskan frontier for his thoughts...


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Good point, but I think you only need four people minimum to start the game. And then after that, the four can actually move over to the same team and work together to chop up one cruiser (Arena's co-op mode!).