Kilrathi Ship-Yard


Hello guys,

some of you asked, if there are more kilrathi-stations in the mod.

Well, unfortunately we never get our eyes on one of those, but here is my
idea of a kilrathi-shipyard. It's big enough to house even a banthkara-class
carrier. (It's not certain that it will make it into the mod, but I wanted to post
it anyway.) BTW, this is no render either, it will look the same ingame, even
with better lights-effects.



This part is a construction plant, for the main-yard and for fighters too,
because of that It has a fly through-hangar as well, and of course
it could house it's own defense-squadrons.


Left side is the command-center

On this top-structure and on the lower one there will be 2 turrets each

The Fly

Excelent work! I just wanna add some thing: the top structure looks a bit non-Kilrathi; they normally have much bigger and robuster looking buildings. It would also to very logical if the Kilrathi would place turrets on the large archs instead of just on the top structure.

Oh and since this is my first post on this forum: Hello everyone! I would especially like to say hello to the Wing Commander Saga guys. It's really amazing what you guys are creating and I can't wait till it will be released. :D


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thank you for cudos ;)

Trust me, you will like the end product :D (*yes, shame on me for saying that*)


Frog Blast the Vent Core!
I hope that makes it into the game it looks fucking fantastic...

and thanks for answering my question about other kilrathi installations...although it looks more like a field refit yard or something rather than a full blown shipyard...kind of like the one we see the princeton in in speradon...notheless I think it's great...


I planned only on 4 turrets( 2 on top and bottom, see above). Starbases in
WC-Series never had too many self-defense-turrets and I don't want to brake the
rule (even If I don't like it too much). Also we have some small limitations to turrets
to this point of development, currently they doesn't bother in hitting the own ship
which they are mounted on, so I can only place them where they have a free line of

But this sort of installations will have it's own defense-force due to it's logistical
importance, so it will be well enough defended (trust me :D ).

I think it will be included in the download, at least for those who
will be able to use the mission-editor (I'm sure it will be included though).
But AFAIK the campaign-script is more or less finished, which does not include this
modeltype .

But to this point, everything is open .... ;)


This is just the darker grey Lynx made for the fralthi II. Maybe it is just
the picture. Or perhaps I will give them the light-grey, don't know yet.

The final pof-editing is currently on hold, cause I'm working hard for a
new suprise tomorrow :D